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November Newsletter
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Hi Everyone and welcome to the DPC newsletter for November 2016.

So the clocks have gone back and the darker nights have arrived. Bonfire Night is just a few days away so this month I've included some tips on how to get good firework photographs.

Last Courses for 2016
We are rapidly coming to the end of our training year and most courses have sold out with the exception of a few spaces on an extra beginner’s course on 3rd December. I will still be running midweek 221 and 121 Private Tuition days during November and I do have people wanting to attend Lightroom and Photoshop courses. Contact me if you are interested.

New Course for 2017 - Composition and Seeing the Picture
I’m just planning the dates for courses for 2017 and I would like to know which courses you would like.
I am planning a new course called something like “Composition and Seeing the Picture”. I need to work out the fine details but this is a response to all the students who have told me they understand the techniques but have trouble spotting the image in the first place. Watch this space.

The October Project is - Still Life
As there's more dark than light at this time of year it's the ideal opportunity to try your hand at a bit of still life photography. This could be the typical bowl of fruit or something more interesting like glasses with liquids. The trick to good still life shot is composition and good lighting. Try to avoid lighting from the front as this will make your subject look flat and shapeless. Use AV or A mode at an aperture of about f11 at 400 ISO with a tripod. Side lighting from a window or lamp will help make round objects have depth and shape.

Thank you to everyone who purchased a 2017 Calendar. We have now sold out. If you missed out and would like one let me know and I will order more if I get enough extra orders to make it viable.

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How to Photograph Fireworks

  1. Camera on a tripod with stabilisation switched Off.

  2. Use remote release or self timer to prevent shake

  3. Manual setting at f16 and 100 ISO

  4. Try 4, 8 and 15 second shutter speeds

  5. Longer exposures will show more trails

  6. Alter exposure by changing the aperture.

  7. F11 will make the image brighter and F22 will make the image darker

  8. Water and reflections will add interest.

Wex have a 20% off sale on tripods so this £199 model is a good deal at £160 with a ball and socket head.

Manfrotto MK190XPRO3 Tripod and XPRO Ball Head with 200PL Plate £199 less 20% with this code MANFROTTO20

Is it worth upgrading to Lightroom CC?

So you have reached the end of your 7 Day Lightroom Trial and the question is “ is it worth upgrading to LRCC?” Short answer - Yes!

LR3 to LR4 was a major upgrade, and well worth the update, but since then the extra features have been less important. The main improvements with LR6 are the abilities to do HDR and panoramas from within Lightroom plus face recognition has also been added. If you think you will use these features then it’s definitely worth moving up to Lightroom 6.

Adobe are claiming that LR6 runs quicker on some machines by using the graphic processor but I didn’t really notice any real difference. I haven’t done a scientific test but overall it feels like LR6 runs slower than previous versions.

If you do decide to upgrade then these are your options.

  • 1/ if you already have Lightroom 4 or 5 you can upgrade to LR6 for £60 and continue to use it for as long as you like.

  • 2/ if you don’t have Lightroom 4 or 5 you can buy LR6 for £102 and continue to use it for as long as you like.

  • 3/ You can also rent Lightroom CC (same as LR6 at the moment) for £8.57 per month (total £102.84 pa.) and get Photoshop CC effectively for free.

  • 4/ LRCC also includes LR Mobile and will be updated with extra features, like the DeHaze slider, as they become available.

I know a lot of people are uncomfortable about renting software, me included, but if you tend to upgrade Lightroom every year then it will probably be as well to rent LR and effectively get Photoshop CC for £40 per year or even free if you not upgrading.

Personally, because I always need the latest versions of Photoshop and Lightroom for training purposes I’ll be taking out an annual subscription, even though it pains me to do so.

Advanced Lightroom Course

I’ve been asked to run an Advanced Lightroom Course and also a Photoshop Course during the winter months. If this something you would like drop me an email so I can start planning.

The course will have a quick recap on the beginners LR course then continue from there with time spent on advanced editing, collections, the book, slideshow and print modules, plus using the free Nix Collection plugins. I’m also open to other suggestions including a bit of Photoshop if that’s what the group would like and time allows.

Lightroom is the best option for anyone whose main interest is Landscape Photography as it’s possible to recover much more detail in the clouds from a RAW file edited correctly in LR. You will require a laptop but we do keep a couple of spares.

Book here -

Beginners Photoshop Course

As Photoshop is now bundled with Lightroom I’ve been asked to run an Beginners Photoshop Course too. If this something you would like drop me an email so I can start planning.

The Five Day Advanced Course
I’ve just finished one of these and it was a great success. I’ve enjoy the challenge of training students at this higher level and it’s the perfect opportunity for someone who has already completed several group courses to push themselves to achieve a more professional looking images. I’ll also consider running this course as a 221 for two students who would like to work together and attend the same courses at the same time.

We hope you have enjoyed this newsletter.

Glen & Jacqui /
25 Westerby Lane, Smeeton Westerby, Leics, LE8 0RA 0116 2796906


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