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August Newsletter
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Hi Everyone

Welcome to the DPC newsletter for September 2016.

Courses and DatesBeginners Camera Courses & Dates

Start looking for your 2017 Calendar Pictures

We are now calling for images for the 2017 DPC Student Calendar. As in previous years I will set up a Facebook album where students can post a maximum of four images each. 

You can submit as many images as you would like to the Facebook Group to select a shortlist but you can only include four images in your final selection.

Once chosen all you need to do is submit the four images in an album to the DPC Facebook Group page with the word CALENDAR, in capitals please, at the start of the text so I can identify and download your entries.

I will then put all the entries into a FB album so everyone can vote on their favourites. You do not need to enter to be able to vote. Please upload your pictures to:

Remember to include a variety of seasonal images to fit in with the design and layout.

Be aware that the calendar uses a horizontal template so the main page pictures are unlikely to be an upright or a panorama.

Any images with people must include the written permission from them for publication.

The closing date for submissions is Wednesday 21st September 2016.

See Calendar Photo Tips for 2017 >>>>>

2015 Calendar

Please try to include:

  • All the Seasons –Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter
  • Various Events – Easter, Valentine, Halloween, Fireworks, Christmas, Poppies.
  • To make my job easier do not include odd shapes like squares, panoramas or very tall image. They will not be used regardless of number of votes they get as they will not fit the calendar template.
  • Please ensure any uploaded images are at least 1600px wide.
  • Any images will be cropped to an image ratio are 4x3 for the landscapes and 3x2 for the uprights.

September 2016 Project – Golden Hour

The September monthly project is "The Golden Hour". This is the hour after sunrise and the hour just before sunset when the shadows are long and the light has a lovely warm glow. This is the favourite time for photographers to venture out for the best lit landscapes.

The harvest well under way and the quality and warmth of the low sun really  emphasises the colours of the wheat fields. Try using the big and blurry technique to isolate a single wheat stalk or consider using the small and sharp settings with a low down angle framing the corn against a vivid blue sky.

Remember to post your images to the FB Group.


Saturday Lightroom Course on 18th September 2016

This course is normally run during the week so this is a rare chance to attend on a Saturday.

As you become more confident with you photography is's a good idea to consider shooting in RAW. This is especially useful for landscape photographers as RAW files contain much more information which can help to keep detail in the skies. To get the best out of these RAW files though you need to edit them in a RAW editor. like Adobe Camera Raw or Lightroom. Picasa just treats RAW files like JPGs so you will not be able to recover this extra detail.


Lightroom House Edit

Lightroom CC includes Photoshop effectively for free

Many students have upgraded to Lightroom CC, which effectively includes Photoshop for free, so this Lightroom Course will include how to integrate Lightroom with Photoshop. We will look at the Lightroom workflow, from importing your images in the correct format, the filing system, editing and getting the best from RAW files, exporting for print or Facebook and how to use the various LR modules. We’ll also use Photoshop to design a logo as this will demonstrate a lot of really useful PS techniques.

Studio Portrait Course on Sunday 2nd October
The Studio Portrait Course on Sunday 2nd October has just two spaces left. This course will show you how to get professional looking portraits in your own home and guide you in the kit you need to buy. Learn how to get amazing results to rival those from a professional studio for probably for less total cost than a family photo shoot. No additional kit is required.

Intermediate Course on Sunday 8th October 2016
The final Intermediate Course for 2016 is on Sunday 8th October 2016. You will need a tripod, cable release and the DPC filter kit or similar.

DPC Filter Kit -

Flash Photography Sunday 9th October 2016
Using the camera's built in flash can result in pictures which are flat and uninteresting. The Flash Photography Course aims to change this scenario and will give you a good understanding of how to use a separate flashgun away from the camera to provide more creative and interesting lighting.

  • The menus, settings and controls of your flashgun
  • How to use the flash on camera for bounce flash
  • How to use the flash off the camera with a cable
  • How to use the flash remotely off the camera
  • How to use the Nikon or Canon Creative Lighting Systems
  • How to use flashguns for more creative lighting
  • How to use your flash outdoors for fill-in flash
  • How to take great portraits using flash

Big Cat Course on Sunday 23rd October 2016.
I’ve been in touch with the zoo and we can now fit in an extra couple of spaces on the Big Cat Course on Sunday 23rd October 2016.

Night Photography Course on Sunday 30th October 2016
The Low Light and Night Photography Course is on Sunday 30th October 2016 just in time for Halloween and Bonfire night.  You will need a tripod and cable release.

The Five Day Advanced Course
I’ve just finished one of these and it was a great success. I’ve enjoy the challenge of training students at this higher level and it’s the perfect opportunity for someone who has already completed several group courses to push themselves to achieve a more professional looking images. I’ll also consider running this course as a 221 for two students who would like to work together and attend the same courses at the same time.

Is it worth upgrading to Lightroom CC?

So you have reached the end of your 7 Day Lightroom Trial and the question is “ is it worth upgrading to LRCC?” Short answer - Yes!

LR3 to LR4 was a major upgrade, and well worth the update, but since then the extra features have been less important. The main improvements with LR6 are the abilities to do HDR and panoramas from within Lightroom plus face recognition has also been added. If you think you will use these features then it’s definitely worth moving up to Lightroom 6.

Adobe are claiming that LR6 runs quicker on some machines by using the graphic processor but I didn’t really notice any real difference. I haven’t done a scientific test but overall it feels like LR6 runs slower than previous versions.

If you do decide to upgrade then these are your options.

  • 1/ if you already have Lightroom 4 or 5 you can upgrade to LR6 for £60 and continue to use it for as long as you like.

  • 2/ if you don’t have Lightroom 4 or 5 you can buy LR6 for £102 and continue to use it for as long as you like.

  • 3/ You can also rent Lightroom CC (same as LR6 at the moment) for £8.57 per month (total £102.84 pa.) and get Photoshop CC effectively for free.

  • 4/ LRCC also includes LR Mobile and will be updated with extra features, like the DeHaze slider, as they become available.

I know a lot of people are uncomfortable about renting software, me included, but if you tend to upgrade Lightroom every year then it will probably be as well to rent LR and effectively get Photoshop CC for £40 per year or even free if you not upgrading.

Personally, because I always need the latest versions of Photoshop and Lightroom for training purposes I’ll be taking out an annual subscription, even though it pains me to do so.

Advanced Lightroom Course

I’ve been asked to run an Advanced Lightroom Course and also a Photoshop Course during the winter months. If this something you would like drop me an email so I can start planning.

The course will have a quick recap on the beginners LR course then continue from there with time spent on advanced editing, collections, the book, slideshow and print modules, plus using the free Nix Collection plugins. I’m also open to other suggestions including a bit of Photoshop if that’s what the group would like and time allows.

Lightroom is the best option for anyone whose main interest is Landscape Photography as it’s possible to recover much more detail in the clouds from a RAW file edited correctly in LR. You will require a laptop but we do keep a couple of spares.

Book here -

Beginners Photoshop Course

As Photoshop is now bundled with Lightroom I’ve been asked to run an Beginners Photoshop Course too. If this something you would like drop me an email so I can start planning.


The Level Two Creative Lighting Course will be on Sunday 20th November 2016

This is a great fun course where we take pictures of water droplets, peppers splashing into water, smoke trails and any other silliness we can think of on the day. We also show you how to use other light sources, like Christmas Lights, to create bokeh effects.

It's the ideal course if you would like to know how to use your shiny new flashgun or just fancy some nice pictures for your kitchen wall. A flash extension cable or remote release for your flashgun is very useful for this course and you will also require a tripod but we do keep a couple of spares.

Dedicated Studio Portrait Photography Course

This course on Sunday 2nd October is a special course dealing exclusively with using Studio Flash Lighting with a variety of backgrounds, snoots, barn doors, soft boxes and umbrellas.

This is similar to the course I normally run for my pro students so we'll be able to go into much more depth and look at many different lighting set ups from using a single light to 3 or 4 lights in several configurations. Even if you do not own a set of lights, or you have already done the normal portrait course, you will still learn a lot on this day.

This differs from the normal portrait course which also deals with available light and speedlight portraits.

Studio Portrait

Night Course

The Night Photography Course will take place on Sunday 30th October 2016

You will need a tripod and a remote release and this course will show you how to photograph:

  • portraits by candle light,
  • buildings at night,
  • the moon and stars
  • the Northern Lights
  • Lightning flashes
  • writing with light
  • painting with light
  • firework photography
  • some trick photography.

We hope you have enjoyed this newsletter.

Glen & Jacqui /
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