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Welcome to the DPC Newsletter for April 2020

  • Stay Safe
  • Live Q & A session tonight.
  • International Space Station (ISS) sighting
  • Courses Update
  • Virtual Lightroom Courses
  • April Newsletter Theme is “Look Out Any Window”
  • Stuck at home ideas

Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives

Let me start by say that I hope everyone is safe and well. I know that we photographers are all itching to get out and take photographs so being stuck at home can be especially difficult. It's great to see that this crisis hasn't stopped people from posting pictures on Facebook and the 52 Week Project. At least we are getting to see what everyones garden looks like, lol.

Live Question and Answer Session

I will be doing a virtual Q&A session on Tuesday 31st March from 7.30pm until about 9pm. This will be on Zoom Webinar which is very easy to use and works on all computers, phones and tablets. Simply click the link below and follow the instructions. Please remember to enable your video and audio when you join the Zoom Meeting.

You can ask me any photography questions you would like me to answer and you are welcome to send me images for editing tips or constructive feedback. Please try not to send full size files.

International Space Station (ISS) sighting

There is a possible International Space Station (ISS) sighting, if the skies are clear, between 8.44pm and 8.50pm. I'll be giving tips on how to photograph the ISS before everyone has the chance to nip out for 10 minutes into their garden to see it. It will be traversing west to east and moving faster than a plane and without flashing lights. If you want to track the ISS get the ISS detector app for Android and iPhone.

What Questions do you have?

Drop me a message or email with your question or you are welcome to join even if you just want to listen in.
Click this link to join at about 7.25pm

If this is successful and we can make this a weekly event.

Upcoming Courses

All group courses are postponed until at least 1st May 2020 and I will review the situation as things develop.
A huge thank you to everyone who simply postponed their courses until things improve.

Online Virtual Lightroom Course

I’m  already running virtual online Lightroom Courses but I also have Photoshop and a flash course planned so contact me if interested.

Initially I will be running these courses as 221s, but at the normal group course price of £135, rather than the usual 221 price of £199.

This is the same great training you would get on a normal group course only we will be working from home. We will be using the Zoom (free to you) software. You will be able to see my screen and I will be able to see yours if needed. There will be regular breaks throughout the day.

The learning outcomes are exactly the same and you can ask questions. Full hand outs are provided plus everyone get a free 121 hour after the course to resolve any problems.
You can find more details here -

The April Newsletter Theme is “Look Out Any Window”

A big thank you to Kate Evans for suggesting this month’s topical theme “Look Out Any Window”. This can be any window, so doesn’t need to a house, but could be a car or shed.

People of a certain age might recognise this as the title of a song by Bruce Hornsby and The Range. It's well worth reading or listening to the lyrics on this song from 1988.

Stuck at home ideas

I've already posted an idea on the FB group for objects from unusual angles but here are a few other ideas from students for photography at home.

If you need help on how to do any of these join me on our Q&A session on Tuesday 31st March 2020 at 7.30pm

Here are some photography suggestions from the Facebook Group members.

  1. Macro - If you don't have a Macro lens then use the close-up filter in the DPC kit.
  2. Food photography - Combine your photography and cooking skills.
  3. Spring - plenty of new flowers in the garden.
  4. Water splashes - Best with flash or try 1/2000th sec in bright backlit sunlight and dark background.
  5. Reflections - Mirrors, stainless steel, glass or water.
  6. Tools from the shed/garage/loft???
  7. Solitude and/or time?
  8. Household theme- textures, shapes, foodstuffs?
  9. Creative abstracts
  10. Easter - chocolate, Easter eggs, chocolate, bunnies, more chocolate.
  11. Pets Portraits
  12. Shadows - glasses on a book maybe or ornamants with their shadow.

Don't forget to post your images on the DPC Facebook Group.

Drop me a message or email with your question or you are welcome to join even if you just want to listen in.
Click this link to join at about 7.25pm

Glen, Jacqui and Misty. /
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