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Hi Folks and welcome to the DPC newsletter for September 2020.

  1. The September newsletter theme is “Trees”.
  2. Beginners Photoshop Course on Saturday 5th
  3. Private Tuition Upgrade Offer
  4. September Courses
  5. Luminar 4 Course
  6. HDR and RAW Course
  7. NEW! Welcome to the DPC Zoom Club

The September newsletter theme is “Trees”.

Some trees are already changing colour and the days are getting a little shorter so you don’t need to get up quite so early for those light streaming through trees shots. Add a bit of morning mist and you should be able to get some light rays.

Virtual Beginners Photoshop Course on Saturday 5th September 2020

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NEW!  Welcome to the DPC Zoom Club - Send me your images.
A brand new venture is the new premium content DPC Zoom Club. Think of this as an online camera club where you will receive the same great training in bite sized chunks. These take place after the usual 7pm DPC Snap and Chat and run from 8pm until about 9.30pm. The meetings are recorded and these will be available for subscribers if you miss the course.

Perfect Panoramas
The members get to choose the topics and these will vary every week. Last week (27th August) we covered how to get Perfect Panoramas using a shoelace. This included a recorded outside demonstration of the various techniques including how to et professional looking images with a nodal head.

Photo Feedback and Luminar Edits on Thursday 3rd September
Next week (3rd September) we will be having a photo feedback session where I will edit the images in Luminar 4. Even if you don’t use Luminar subscribers can send me between 1-3 images for review. I can’t promise to edit all of them but I will offer feedback and edit at least one from everyone. If you would like to send me some images or join the DPC Zoom Club you can do so below.

Premium Content for Sbscribers
For the first two weeks non-subscribers can pay £10 on a per session basis so you can try it out. After 10th September the premium content will be available for monthly subscribers only at £40 PCM.  This works out at less than £10 per week as some months have 5 weeks. Subscribers will have access to a password protected members area where they can access all the recordings and any handouts.  

Individual recordings will be available for £15 per session a few days later for non-subscribers.

September sessions will include Lightroom and Photoshop editing and a session on hidden camera settings.

Private Tuition Upgrade Offer
I’m finally starting to run live 121 private tuition courses but sadly I still cannot run any group courses due to the two household restrictions.

If you have pre-paid for a course, and it’s possible to run as a 121, then I do have a 121 upgrade offer. Contact me for details.

September Courses
I’m able to run some courses as Virtual Group Courses over Zoom. At the moment these include Photoshop, Lightroom, HDR and RAW plus a new Luminar 4 Course. During September I will be running an Advance Lightroom Course, a Beginners Photoshop followed by a next level Intermediate Photoshop.

Luminar 4 Course
I also have a brand new full day course using Luminar 4 as a plug-in to Lightroom and as a Lightroom replacement for those that don’t want to pay £10 a month for the Adobe subscription.

HDR and RAW Course
It’s no secret that I love to shoot into the light and many of my images include sunsets with detail in the foreground. Many of these pictures are achieved using High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography techniques. This will be a two part course where we will cover the camera settings and techniques first then you will have a two hour break to go out and take pictures. Afterwards we will edit these pictures over zoom.
Contact me by email or us the poll on the on the Facebook group.

Upcoming Virtual Courses

As I mentioned we have had great success with the virtual courses, including Flash, Macro and Beginners. That said, we have been mainly been running photo editing courses, such as Lightroom, and Photoshop, and I’m also about to launch a new Luminar 4 training.

Luminar 4 as a Lightroom Plugin and Stand-alone program and Lightroom Replacement.

Luminar 4 is a fantastic Lightroom plug-in which also works as a standalone program. It’s an amazing piece of software for anyone into landscape photography or portraits. As a standalone program it is possible to use it as a replacement to Lightroom for those that don’t want to pay the Adobe subscription.

Luminar 4 Sky Landscape Edit. Original Raw File

Luminar Landscape  Before

Luminar 4 Sky Landscape. Edited in AI Landscape module and sky replaced.

Luminar Landscape

Here is a 5 minute landscape edit in Luminar 4 with a sky replacement. I have probably pushed this a little far for demo purposes but I have to say it’s far simpler to achieve this is Luminar than it is in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Luminar 4 AI Portrait Retouch


And a few quick portrait retouch in a few minutes. This sort of thing would probably take 15-20x longer in Photoshop.

If you like what you see then I have an affiliate link with a discount code where you can save $10. I think there might also be a sale on at the moment as people who have already purchased it, using the link, have been paying about than £50.

If you use the code DPC2020 at this affiliate link it will help me out, with a small commission, and you can save and extra $10


FREE BONUS Gift. If anyone does buy Luminar 4 through my link I’ll send my pack of replacement skies for FREE. These can be used in Photoshop, Luminar 4 or any program that can handle layers.



Upcoming Courses Facebook Poll

As mention I am concentrating on the virtual editing courses at the moment and I have a poll on the Facebook group asking who wants which editing courses and when.

I need to sort out dates for the next Level 1 Lightroom and Photoshop Courses for the first two weeks in August followed by a Luminar 4 course during Weeks 3 and 4.

I’ll then set up Messengers Groups for each course. You can be in multiple groups.

I’m also considering running the Photoshop and Luminar Courses as individual 4-hour modules rather than one full day. This means I can add extra levels in half-day blocks but I would like to know what you think of this idea. Keep in mind that finding suitable dates for multiple people can be difficult.

Individual modules are £75 each or two for £135. If you have done my LR or PS course before you do qualify for the £75 Refresher rate for two modules.

Glen, Jacqui and Misty. /
25 Westerby Lane, Smeeton Westerby, Leics, LE8 0RA 0116 2796906


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