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December 2019  Newsletter

Hi Folks and welcome to the DPC Newsletter for December 2019.

This Month.

  1. Photography Course Gift Vouchers
  2. What courses would you like for 2020
  3. December Project - Christmas (Sorry!)
  4. Evening 121 and 221 Night Photography Courses

Digital Photography Course Gift Vouchers

With Christmas just around the corner one of our DPC Gift Vouchers make the perfect present for the keen photographer. Vouchers are available in full or part payment for any course and are valid for a full 12 months. They can be personalised for the individual person and occasion. Prices start from £25, with Group Course Gift Vouchers at £135 and 121 Private Tuition Gift Vouchers are £325.

DPC Gift Voucher

Final 2019 Courses
Our 2019 course have now ended and we start again in Saturday 18th January 2020.

Some course will still be available as midweek 221s at £199 each. Contact me with your preferred course and availability and I'll try to find a 2nd person.

First 2020 Beginners Course

Winter 221 Courses

Which courses would you like for 2020 Poll.

I will be adding a poll to the Facebook Page so people can vote for the courses they want next year -

The December project is Christmas.

I know it's obvious but it just has to be done. Why not try a bit of Bokeh on out of focus Christmas lights or there are lots of Christmas Tree festivals about.

To have a go at Bokeh put your lens on manual focus and then focus at your closest setting and watch how the Christmas lights expand.

Maybe a bit of festive photography or try out one of your new photography pressies.

Whatever you choose don't forget to post it to the Facebook Group.

Festive Lights

Extra Night Photography Course 221 at £175 or Private Tuition at £250.

The last group Night Photography Course sold out and the next one will be in February 2020. I do have a few people wanting a night course this year so I have a couple of options. This course is available as a midweek 221 in January at just £175 per person rather than the normal £199 for 221. This is because the training time is slightly less but we still cover all the same topics quicker as there are only two students. The course is also available as a 221. Contact me if interested.

Milky Way Photography Course 2020

On the subject of night photography I’ve been asked about a Milky Way Photography Course during the winter.

This would be an advanced course showing you how to shoot the Milky Way then edit the images in Lightroom and Photoshop.

I’ll also include some exposure and focus stacking techniques, to reduce noise, plus some light painting to add light to foreground objects.

This will be run as a 221 at £175 each or a 121 at £250 and would suit someone who has attended the Lightroom and standard Night Courses as I will not have time to cover the basics again.

This would be a midweek course and it’s likely to run from about 5-10pm with a light snack and hot drinks.

Depending on the weather we’ll either do the editing techniques first then the stars or switch that around. Obviously I can’t guarantee clear skies so I will provide Milky Way files you can use with your images if needed.

Let me know if you fancy this.

Milky Way

Please Contact us for Lightroom or Photoshop Courses

You will require a laptop with Lightroom CC installed but we do carry a couple of spare laptops. This course also includes the option to icorporate a small amount of Photoshop work. This usually involves creating a logo to add to your exported images for that professional look.

Learning Outcomes and Topics Covered

  • Understanding the Lightroom Interface
  • How to Import images into Lightroom
  • Navigating the Library Module
  • Choosing and Rating your images
  • Basic corrections in the Library Module
  • Making adjustments in the Develop Module
  • Retouching using the Spot Removal Brush
  • Straightening, Cropping and Image Ratios
  • Adding Copyright Information
  • Exporting to a Folder with Various Presets
  • Overview of the Map, Photo Book, Slideshow & Print Modules

The day starts with the Lightroom interface and how to import images, choosing & rating images, editing, cropping and exporting. You are encouraged to bring some of your own images on a USB stick or SD Card but sample images will be provided. /
25 Westerby Lane, Smeeton Westerby, Leics, LE8 0RA 0116 2796906


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