Night Photography Course

Night Photography Course - £135 - October 2020 - TBC

This Night Photography Course on will show you how to get great pictures at night or in low light conditions like indoors, in churches or  museums or at a concert. The course starts at 2pm with the low light section and then after dark we go out to photography the moon and stars – if they are out- plus car light trails and some special effect photography. The evening ends with the usual image review and a drink in the village pub.

 You will also learn how to take photographs of:

  • portraits indoors without flash
  • portraits by candle light
  • Writing or Painting with light
  • The Northern Lights or Lightning
  • Buildings & Streets at night
  • Spooky Halloween pictures
  • Firework Pictures
  • Car light trail pictures
  • The moon & stars or Milky Way
  • Meteors

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If you wish to attend a Beginners Course and Level Two Course over the same weekend then you get both courses for £250 rather than £270. Contact me for details. Subject to availability

Night and Low Light Course
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Advanced Night Photography Course

If you would like to attend this course then we also have the option to learn how to use the Move Shoot Move star tracker. This £200 gadget allows you to take longer exposures of the stars without trailing by countering to earths rotation.
It’s actually intended for use with wide angles but I’ve been getting excellent results with telephoto lenses on deep sky objects like the Orion Nebula.
If you would like one you can support me my using the affiliate link below. It will not cost you any more but I get a small commission.

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I just wanted to say a quick thank you for the course this past weekend.  I found the training very valuable in confirming that the practices I’ve been following/doing were indeed correct and, of course, learning some new tips and methods for getting better photographs.  I’m definitely going to look to take further courses in the not too distant future. – Andy Nightingale

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Please note: This is a Level Two course so you need to attend one of our beginner’s course first.

This very popular low-light and night time photography course will show you how to take pictures at night without using your flash. Your own tripod would be helpful but we do have a couple of spares if you prefer some advice before choosing one. The course starts at 2pm and ends about 9pm to 9.30pm. It includes a light supper.

  • Portrait indoors without flash
  • Portrait indoors by candlelight
  • Car light trails
  • The moon
  • The Stars
  • Northern Lights
  • Meteors
  • Christmas lights
  • Lighting flashes
  • Townscapes by street light
  • Halloween pictures
  • Firework Pictures
  • Writing with light pictures
  • Painting with light pictures

If booking the Beginners / Night Weekend please ensure there are spaces available on that weekend’s Beginners Course.

Midweek Private Tuition – 121 at £250 pp or 221 at £175 pp

The 121 and 221 sessions take place during the week, on a night to be arranged, and start between 4-5pm and run through until about 9-10pm depending on the sunset times. Despite being a slightly shorter course we cover the same topics but it takes less time as I don’t have six students. Contact me if you prefer this option.

Night Photography Course Refresher

If you have attended our Night Photography Course before then you can attend for the special refresher course price of £75 subject to availability. Just choose the Refesher option at checkout.

Advanced Night Course

I’m in the process of putting together an Advance Night Photography Course where we will be photographing the Milky Way and maybe even the Orion Nebula – See below.

This is a two part course which includes how to edit your images in Lightroom. stacking software and Photoshop. If you would like to attend this course you need to have already attended a our Lightroom and standard Night Photography Course. Contact me for more details.

The course starts about 5pm and goes through until about 10pm and is normally run as a 221 or Private Tuition. You will require a laptop with Lightroom and Photoshop but I do have a spare.

Depending on when it gets dark we’ll either shoot the images first then edit or use my test files to learn the editing skills before going out to shoot your own images.

I’m really looking forward to helping you to understand your camera and take even better photographs. The course starts at 2pm prompt with coffee and biscuits on arrival, between 1.30pm and 1.45pm, and it runs through until about 9pm.

We do have limited parking for six cars so if you have the choice of a smaller car it really is helpful and less of a squeeze.
There are a few things you can do before the course to ensure your experience runs smoothly

  • 1. Please ensure you have fully charged batteries as we will be using your cameras a lot and someone’s battery nearly always runs out.
  • 2. An empty memory card with space for 100 images.
  • 3. A tripod if possible but we do have a couple of spares
  • 4. A small torch so you can see the camera settings at night.
  • 5. A remote release. Available from eBay for about £10
  • 6. A free buffet lunch is included and there will be a vegetarian option. If you have any allergies or special requirements it may be better to bring a packed lunch. Coffee & biscuits are provided on arrival.
  • 7. Bring warm clothes and a change of shoes as the practical sessions do take place outside.
  • You can find a map and directions here –
  • If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us or visit the FAQ’s page at
  • If you need nearby accommodation please see here –
  • Full T&Cs including our Cancellation Policy see here –
Orion Nebula

Very Enjoyable. I’m not very technically minded but found Glen’s instructions very easy to follow. I’m still discovering new things about my camera and I didn’t feel embarrassed asking questions which might appear obvious to others. Margaret Rose

I’ve had a great time on the night photography course and learnt loads of different techniques to get more interesting photos. I would recommend it to anyone. Vicky Wells

I do struggle a bit with the techy bits so I’ll need to practice a bit more before all this becomes instinctive. I’ve already booked my next course as I’m enjoying them so much. Thank you for your patience.
Kate Evans

I really enjoyed it. I will definitely need to work on the things I’ve learned. Everything well explained in a clear and concise way. Would definitely try another course. Thanks.
Adam Wenmouth