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Specialist Courses - Lightroom & Photoshop

Lightroom Course

121 Lightroom Private Tuition

Lightroom has become so powerful over the last few years that many photographers rarely need to jump into Photoshop. It can import, file, sort, keyword, caption and edit your RAW files then export them in a range of sized with or without watermarks. If you are an intermediate photographer who likes editing landscapes then this is the course for you.

Photoshop Course

Photoshop Course

  Photoshop still rules when it comes to serious image manipulation like replacing skies or repairing old photographs. The difference between Photoshop and Lightroom is that PS works on Layers and changes the pixels in the image whereas LR is database driven so is used more for making colour or tonal corrections and it is non destructive.

Product Photography

Product Photography

This course can be run as a 121 Private tuition session or as part of the Intensive or Advanced Photography Courses. It can also be run as a small group course training staff  to take good images of a limited range of products or staff portraits. It can also be run with larger groups as a two day course with the Beginners Course on Day 1 followed by products on Day 2.

Specialist & Advanced Photography Courses

Five Day Intensive Photography Private Tuition

Five Day Intensive Photography Course

The Five Day Intensive Photography Course includes six 121 Private Tuition courses over a five day period. Ideally it is run one day a week over 5 consecutive weeks but it is available in a 5 day block. It is intended for students who want to learn a lot in a short period or those that are planning to take the five day advanced course.

Five Day Advanced Photography Private Tuition

Five Day Advanced Photography Course

The Advanced Course includes five 121 courses over five days. Ideally it runs one day a week over 5 consecutive weeks but it is available in a 5 day block. Students must have attended several of our group courses, or the 5 Day Intensive Course. This course includes home projects which you will be expected to complete before your next visit.

Pictures for Publication or Newsletter Photography

Flash Photography Course

The Pictures for Publication Newsletter Photography course is aimed at the people taking pictures for corporate websites or newsletters. It covers how take portraits, groups and presentations suitable for in house publications or the local press. It can be run as a 1 or 2 day course depending on numbers.