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June 2019
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Welcome to the Digital Photography Courses monthly newsletter for August 2019.

Hi Folks and welcome to the PDC Newsletter for August 2019. This month I’m a week early as the new website is now live and most of the previous links will not work. There were a lot more pages on the old website and I’m gradually adding more as time goes by. You can read more about it below.

The August Project is Trees.

This could be a single tree, as on the header, or a whole forest of trees. You could get low to the ground and photograph a seedling or may get the light streaming through branches first thing in the morning.

I have people waiting for Photoshop, Lightroom and Seeing the Picture Courses so please drop me an email if you would like to end any of these.

Upcoming Courses

Welcome to the new DPC website

About 10 years ago I had the smart idea to start running beginners photography courses and so I set up a little 3 page website to see if there was a market. It seems there was.

New Website

A decade later and we’re up to over 20 different courses and the website had grown into a monster with over 50 pages. I’ve been wanting to build a new web site for at least two years but the task has been so daunting I’ve always put it off, until now.

So what’s finally made me do this?

Mobile Phones! I read a statistic recently that said 52% of online purchases were now on a phone rather that a PC or Laptop. Though the original website contained loads of useful information it didn’t display well on a small mobile screen. This new one is fully optimized for mobile so hopefully everyone will find it easier to navigate and read on a phone or tablet. I’ve tried to keep it as clean and simple as possible, while keeping some of the branding of the original website.

To help get the new website up the rankings can you please leave me a 5 Star Google Places review by clicking the orange button halfway down the home page or Click this shortlink to go directly to the Google Places review page

Google Review

Could I ask people to do a Google search for whatever you would type in to find a course and see if the new website appears? When find the new site could you please click on the orange Google Review link, about half way down the page, and leave me a nice review about the courses. Cheers Glen.

You can go directly to the new website here -

Or Click this shortlink to go directly to the Google Places review page


Intermediate Course Sun 28th July 2019 - Learning Outcomes:

This course includes a project sheet handout covering all the techniques you will learn on the day. You will be able to use this sheet again, in your own time, to repeat any exercises where you need a refresher.

  1. Understand the ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed Triangle
  2. How to use the full Manual settings
  3. How to get the pictures you visualize.
  4. Understanding Depth of Field
  5. Understand the different Focusing Modes
  6. Using Depth of Field creatively
  7. Using Polarising Filters to darken blue skies
  8. Using Polarising Filters to remove reflections
  9. Using Neutral Density Filters
  10. How to show water movement
  11. How to freeze water movement
  12. How to get the correct exposure in difficult lighting
  13. All about ISO and which setting to use in which lighting
  14. The different White Balance settings
  15. How to make day time look like night time
  16. How to avoid out of focus or blurry pictures
  17. An explanation of how different lenses work
  18. Composition - See how I approach a landscape shoot
  19. How to use the very special universal zoom
  20. Shooting Silhouettes
  21. Using fill-in flash for outdoor portraits

Extra Bird & Landscape Photoraphy Course Sunday 1st September 2019

Bird and Landscape Course

By poplular request I've added an extra Extra Bird and Landscape Photoraphy Course for Sunday 1st September 2019.

This course will be how you how to photograph landscapes, flowers, birds & other wildlife in their natural habitat. It takes place at the Anglia Water Bird Watching Centre, Rutland Water, Oakham, Leicestershire. A DSLR with at least a 200mm zoom lens or Bridge Camera with 12x zoom is required. The course runs from 9.30am - 5pm and a buffet lunch is included
This course also gives you some great hints and tips on how to compose a great landscape photograph.

Composition and Seeing the Picture Course.

Are you one of those photographers who understands all the settings and menus of your camera but still struggle to "see the picture"? Maybe you snap a great landscape view but then when you see it on screen it looks nothing like you remember. If this is you then maybe our Composition and Seeing the Picture Course is what you need.

These are mainly run as small groups of 3-4 students and take place during the week.
Drop me an email or you can find details here -

Filters for Landscape Photography Course

This new Level Two course concentrates on using a variety of filters to improve your landscape photography. It is normally run during the week and runs from 10am - 5pm including a light lunch. Please contact us to arrange a suitable midweek date.

For this course you will require these filters for your wide angle lens:

  • A Circular Polarising Filter (CPL)
  • 1 or 2 x ND8 Neutral Density Filters (Round or Square with holder) *
  • I Set of Graduated Filters with Holder
  • * 1x ND8 will do as a start but 2 x ND8 will allow for slower shutter speeds.

See our DPC Filter Kit Here

Please contact me if you require advice or web links and include your filter thread size. You will also require a sturdy tripod but we do carry a couple of spares.

Jacq Portrait

Portrait Photography Course Sun 11th August 2019

During this photography course you will learn how to:

  • Set up a low cost Home Photography Studio
  • Shoot portraits outside without flash
  • Shoot portraits outside with fill in flash
  • Using reflectors with portraits
  • Shoot portraits indoors without flash
  • Shoot portraits indoors with flash
  • Shoot portraits indoors with off camera flash
  • Shoot portraits indoors using bounce flash
  • Shoot portraits indoors by window light
  • Shoot a moody low key portrait with a black background
  • Shoot a light high key portrait with a white background
  • Shoot a studio flash portrait with a white background
  • Shoot a studio flash portrait with a black background


The next Night Photography Course will be on Sunday 27th October 2019.

This very popular course will show you how to take pictures at night without using your flash. The course starts at 2pm and ends about 9pm and includes a light supper. Your own tripod would be helpful but we do have a couple of spares if needed.

The course includes: portraits by candle light, buildings at night, car light trails, writing with light, painting with light. I also cover the techniques for northern lights, lightning, meteors plus some trick photography. Weather permitting, we should also be able to photograph the moon and maybe even some stars.

Creative Lighting Course Sun 1st December

This is a great fun course for those dark winter months. We take pictures of water droplets, peppers splashing into water, smoke trails and any other silliness we can think of on the day.

We also show you how to use other light sources, like candles, torches and Christmas Lights, to create bokeh effects. It's the ideal course if you would like to know how to use your shiny new flashgun or just fancy some nice pictures for your kitchen wall.

A flash extension cable or remote release for your flashgun is very useful for this course and you will also require a tripod but we do keep a couple of spares.


Lightroom Classic CC with Photoshop CC

As the days will soon be getting colder and darker I will be running more midweek Lightroom/Photoshop Courses.

These will mainly be 221 days at £199 but I might also run a group course at £135. Contact me for details.

Lightroom Course

I believe the best package to get is the £9.98 PCM Photography package which includes

  • Lightroom CC (Online version)
  • Lightroom Classic CC (Desktop version)
  • Photoshop CC
  • 20GB of cloud storage

Which Version of Lightroom & Photoshop ?

  • The new subscription versions of Lightroom and Photoshop can be confusing so hopefully this will make it clearer.

  • Up until version 6 you purchased Lightroom and Photoshop outright. Lightroom costs about £120 and Photoshop was about £600.

  • Lightroom CC is the slower online version of Lightroom which is not as powerful as Lightroom Classic CC and you require an internet connection.

  • Lightroom Classic and Photoshop are so well integrated that we us we use Include some Photoshop on the Lightroom Course.

  • Lightroom CC is really intended for people uploading and editing from their phone or iPads as these have limited storage.

  • I find 20GB is plenty as I only upload JPGs and store all my RAW files on external USB HDDs.

  • A couple of years ago Adobe went to a subscription model and called it the Creative Cloud (CC). Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC together now cost about £10 PCM which also includes 20GB of online storage.

  • Originally Lightroom CC was the same as Lightroom 6 but as Adobe added new features to Lightroom CC the CC version became more powerful than LR6 and included an online version of Lightroom called Lightroom Mobile.

  • Last year Adobe had a stupid Lightroom name rebranding which caused huge confusion to photographers everywhere. Lightroom CC was renamed Lightroom Classic CC (I will refer to this as Lightroom Desktop) and Lightroom Mobile became the online version of Lightroom CC.


Please Contact us for Lightroom or Photoshop Courses

You will require a laptop with Lightroom CC installed but we do carry a couple of spare laptops. This course also includes the option to icorporate a small amount of Photoshop work. This usually involves creating a logo to add to your exported images for that professional look.

Learning Outcomes and Topics Covered

  1. Understanding the Lightroom Interface
  2. How to Import images into Lightroom
  3. Navigating the Library Module
  4. Choosing and Rating your images
  5. Basic corrections in the Library Module
  6. Making adjustments in the Develop Module
  7. Retouching using the Spot Removal Brush
  8. Straightening, Cropping and Image Ratios
  9. Adding Copyright Information
  10. Exporting to a Folder with Various Presets
  11. Overview of the Map, Photo Book, Slideshow & Print Modules
  12. NEW! How to use the Nik Collection plug-in

The day starts with the Lightroom interface and how to import images, choosing & rating images, editing, cropping and exporting. You are encouraged to bring some of your own images on a USB stick or SD Card but sample images will be provided.

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If you haven't joined the DPC Facebook Group then you can still do so by following the links below. This is a closed group for DPC students only.

New course dates are announced first on the Facebook Group and sometimes sell out before they get into this newsletter. A good example is the Big Cat Course which sold out within 24 hours of being announced. Let me know if this is a course you would like to attend as I might try and add an extra date.

Join the Flickr 52 Week Project here.

Flickr 52 Week Project for 2019
After the continued success of last years project we are running the group again this year. All you need to do is to take one picture each week throughout 2019 and post in the Flickr group.

Group Rules

1, Only DPC students are allowed to join so you need to have attended a course.
2, Please include exif data to ensure photos are taken during the correct week
3, Post 1 photo per week - running from Monday to Sunday
4, You don't have to post every week as long as the photo is taken in the correct week
5, Maximum of 5 photo's per month catch-up allowed.
6, If you miss a week, please don't give up, but continue ASAP
7, Upload a link from the Facebook Group to your Flickr post

You can join the group here -

Some people have been able to join right away but others have had a message to say they need to be invited. If you do struggle to join just drop me an email and I'll invite you.

If you would like to see last years images for inspiration see here

We hope you have enjoyed this newsletter.

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