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Seeing the Picture and Composition Photography Course - £135 - TBA

This one day Seeing the Picture and Composition Photography course is aimed at Digital SLR user who are confident using their cameras but feel they struggle to “See the Picture”. We will have a series of exercises aimed at encouraging you to spot pictures in areas where you might normally walk on by. The plan is to travel light so something like the Tamron 18-270mm lens would be ideal.

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This Composition and Seeing The Picture Photography Course is generally run during the summer months as we are outdoors for a most of the day. It’s usually only run during the week and it’s available as a group course, with up to six students, at £135 each, a 221 day at £199 per person, or as private photography tuition day at £325. All courses are subject to availability and it’s easier to arrange a 221 day rather than a full group course.

Composition & Seeing The Picture Course
Camera Make & Model (optional)
Attendees Name / Comments

I was reluctant to do the beginners course, but extremely glad that I did. Even after taking photos for a lot of years it helped me to know the fundamentals and build on then. Getting off the ‘auto setting’ was crucial and gave control. The beginners course was the best money that I ever invested in photography. Jim Tyson.

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This is a Level 2 Course so we ask that you attend one of our Beginners Courses first. You need to know how to operate your camera confidentiality so you can concentrate on your composition rather than worry about settings.

Our Mission
One of the questions I’ve been asked all my professional photography career is “How do I see a picture?”.

The simple answer is “I don’t know. I just see the final image in my mind’s eye complete with any edits.”

Can this be taught?
The next question is “Can this be taught?” Again my answer is I don’t know… But we’re about to find out.

So what are the problems and how do we see a picture? Many of my students tell me that they understand the techniques and how to set up the camera but lack inspiration while they are wandering around “Looking for the Picture.”.

My mission is to hopefully inspire and guide you in this quest. (Oh boy! Now I’ve written that down. It looks scary.)

Seeing the Picture Course Outline

The day starts by looking at what makes a good picture and analyzing the composition. Using this knowledge we will carry out a series of exercises to reinforce what you have learned. We’ll then analyze these images to see how you have improved.

After a short lunch we’ll go again and choose different subject including some landscape photography. Finally you will receive feedback on these new images so you can move forward with your composition.

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Thank you for booking a Digital Photography Course

Thank you for booking the Seeing the Picture Photography Course. Coffee,Tea & biscuits are provided on arrival between 9.30am and 9.45am

  1. There are a few things you can do before the course to ensure your experience runs smoothly
  2. The course starts at 9.45am prompt with coffee and biscuits on arrival, between 9.30am and 9.45am, and it runs through until about 5pm.
  3. We do have limited parking for six cars so if you have the choice of a smaller car it is less of a squeeze.
  4. Please meet at 25 Westerby Lane, Smeeton Westerby for registration between 9.30am and 9.45am.
  5. Please ensure you have fully charged batteries as we will be using your cameras a lot and someone’s battery nearly always runs out.
  6. An empty memory card with space for 200 images.
  7. After a brief catch up on the basics we will have a series of projects covering a range of new topics requiring a tripod, remote release and a set of filters. See below
  8. You will require at least an 18-55mm range lens but one of our recommended zooms would be even better.
  9. There will be coffee & biscuits are provided on arrival and a light buffet snack, included a vegetarian option, about noon.
  10. If you have any allergies or special requirements it may be better to bring a packed lunch. If your are bringing your own lunch please let us know so we don’t over-cater.
  11. Please wear sensible shoes and suitable clothing as the practical sessions do take place outside.
  12. You can find a map and directions
  13. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us or visit the FAQ’s page at
  14. Cancellations within 48 hours, or failure to turn up on the day, are non refundable – See our full T&Cs here –

A great day. Lots of technical information to process but great course notes for me to refer back to. It’s great to have all the camera settings explained clearly so I can use them to improve my photography shots. James Wesson

Another great day with lots of useful info and a really good next step up from the Beginners Course. It’s given me another boost to get out and practice my new skills. I’m already looking forward to my next course. Joanna Boughy

This course was particularly good with regards to understanding the exposure triangle and I found this invaluable. It’s quite an intensive course but I feel a lot happier finding my way around the various camera settings. Now to start saving up for the next one.
Karen Collinson

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. Everything I wanted to know about the more advanced techniques was covered. I’m really looking forward to going out and trying what I’ve learnt, especially regarding shutter speeds combined with aperture settings.
Margaret Rose