I’ve learnt more in 7 hours on Glen’s course than I did in 3 years at university. It’s been a big help learning the tips and tricks of photography and I would highly recommend this course to anyone. Matt Letts

Photography Courses with Award Winning Leicester Mercury Press Photographer & College Tutor - Glen Tillyard.

Our jargon-free courses are limited to six students and will suit everyone from the complete novice to the intermediate photographer.  Training takes place in the picturesque village of Smeeton Westerby in beautiful rural Leicestershire and run from 9-30am to 5pm. They are suitable for Digital SLRs, Mirrorless EVF Cameras and Bridge or Hybrid Cameras.

As a professional press photographer, I have to get the best picture, in the shortest possible time, every time and this is what I will teach you on each of our 20 plus courses.  As a college tutor, I know that every student has a different learning style so our courses cater for every learning type.

The Beginners Photography Course includes a free pocket photography guide

  • a lovely relaxed beginners course no pressure lots of info - well recommended & Glen is very approachable

    John Mason Avatar John Mason
  • Having now done several courses with Glen. I would highly recommend all his courses from beginners to the more advanced ones, they are all excellent and are taught at a pace that suits everyone. Glen is so knowledgeable with every course well-structured and interactive in an easy informal way.

    Jim Wood Avatar Jim Wood
  • Having recently completed two of Glen's courses (beginner and lightroom) I can highly recommend any budding photographer to do the same. The courses are well run and at a pace and style that makes learning easy and fun. Glen has the patience of a saint and the ability to teach without feeling like you're being spoken down to or made to feel foolish in anyway. If you are looking to improve your photography, whether you're just starting out or looking to go professional this is the place to come.

    ian cadwallader Avatar ian cadwallader
  • My wife bought me a beginner course as a birthday gift after I had bought a DSLR for our Skye holiday, where I pretty much just used the auto setting on the camera. I am now using all the settings except auto. Glen paced the course very well and established what the attendees wanted from the outset, so he had our objectives in mind when delivering the course. It was a good mix of theory and practical, putting into use what we had covered. The follow-up summary was very useful, including the advice on composition and shot selection. The after-course support is also top notch, providing a network to ensure the attendee can continue to develop and nurture their photography skills.

    Matt Parker Avatar Matt Parker
  • Found this as a result of a Google search, was looking to get my camera off the automatic setting. I was impressed by the website and thought that it'd be worth the trip down from Liverpool for the day, small group, well taught with a practical session, nice friendly people, and great support, it really is the 'group that keeps on giving!' Have done most, if not all, of the courses now. Loved every one. Glen is really good at getting things across and I learnt more in one day than I believed possible. Excellent find!

    jane allwright Avatar jane allwright
  • I have attended Beginner, Intermediate, Macro, Lightroom, Night and Advanced Night courses with Glen and each course increases your knowledge and understanding of the fascinating subject of Photography. Glens knowledge is simply astounding and covers every aspect of the subject and the workings and controls of any DSLR you could name. Information is presented at a pace that is easy to understand with no pretence or haste to move along. The beginners course alone will give you all you need to revolutionise your photography and head on out there with your camera ready to capture anything.....

    Michael Statham Avatar Michael Statham
  • Glen started me on the road with the beginners course. I have done several more courses since. They're fun and informative and have the right balance of practical work. Would highly recommend. I have attached some photos, my first attempts at new techniques, taken on some of the courses.

    Claire Jackson Avatar Claire Jackson
  • Glen started me on the road with the beginners course. I have done several more courses since. They're fun and informative and have the right balance of practical work. Would highly recommend. I have attached some photos, my first attempts at new techniques, taken on some of the courses.

    Claire Jackson Avatar Claire Jackson
  • Highly recommended. Glen's skill and experience is obvious and his passion is infectious. We went to learn product photography for work. I arrived with no interest in photography beyond the need to learn for work, and left with enthusiasm to continue learning. The course was exactly what we were looking for and had been tailored to our needs. We learned everything we needed to know and more. The teaching was delivered excellently and was paced well. The course was engaging and very enjoyable. We travelled from Devon to attend and plan to go back at some point in the future. It was well worth the trip.

    Ben Simpson Avatar Ben Simpson
  • I attended Glen's beginner's photography course earlier this year and it was truly inspirational! For the first time I was able to move from the automatic setting on my camera and have confidence in experimenting with my photo taking. I am definitely going to book onto more courses! Debbie Burke

    Deborah Burke Avatar Deborah Burke
Beginners Photography Course

Please attend a Beginners Course before any Level Two Courses as this course is about so much more than how to use your camera. This day is the foundation for all our other training and we constantly refer back to it on other courses. You will be at a disadvantage without this knowledge.

121 Digital Photography Course Gift Vouchers

Photography Courses Gift Vouchers are available as full or part payment for any courses.They can be booked for a certain date or be left open for up to one year.
They are available in £25, £50, £75, £100, £150 and £350 options for Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries or any occasion.

Intermediate Photography Course

We have over 25 Level 2 and Advanced Courses which can be attended in any order after the Beginners Course. We constantly refer back to the Beginners day during the follow on courses so you will enjoy these courses more with the knowledge gained from the first day.

60 Minute 121 Zoom calls on any subject including – photo feedback,  Photoshop or Lightroom Tuition.

Drop me an email with your question and tell me what you would like before arranging the  session.

Covid Update 26/04/2022

We finally resumed photography courses in line with the easing of pandemic restrictions on 19th July 2021. These courses have reduced numbers and Covid precautions will be in place. Masks are not insisted on but you are welcome to wear one if you wish.
Jacqui and I have had all our jabs and we would prefer that all attendees have been vaccinated but this is not insisted on. Please contact or email me if you have any questions glen@digitalphotographycourses.co.uk