Portrait Photography Course

Perfect Portrait Photography on a 1 Day Course - Saturday 22nd June 2024

We covered basic portraits outdoors on the Beginners Photography Course but this Portrait Photography Course goes into much greater detail shooting portraits in many different scenarios with the minimum of kit.

We’ll photograph portraits outdoors in the shade and bright sun (hopefully) using reflectors and fill in flash. We will also look at posing techniques and explain how to capture natural and relaxed looking portraits  The indoor session includes how to shoot low key portraits using window light and use on camera bounce flash. Throughout the day I’ll show you how to create a low cost studio with various backgrounds.

As the Portrait Photography Course is one of our Level 2 Courses we do ask that you attend one of our Beginners Photography Courses first.

This Portrait Photography Course will show you how to create Low and High Key Portraits plus there will also be a demonstration on how to use a single speedlight flash to create several creative portrait photography lighting styles.

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Portrait Photography Course
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Another tremendous day. Glen’s courses never cease to amaze and inspire me. It’s fun and easy learning but at a high level. The sense of achievement and WOW factor is there all day long. My future models will be delighted I’m sure. Thanks Glen. Denise Reid.

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Brilliant day! Learned lots and laughed lots too. Great teaching as usual from Glen. Thank you. I really enjoyed the split lighting photos and I’m going to practice this. Helen Bason

Such a good course. I had so many light bulb moments during the day and I can’t wait to try them all out. I finally feel able to get the more interesting portraits that I wanted to. Sharon Harris

An excellent fun course. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about all the different lighting techniques and I now feel confident in taking portrait photographs. Toby Maloy.

Glen covered everything I needed to know about setting up a studio at home and how to take portraits with confidence. Thank you. Nicola Blakeway

I’m Looking Forward to taking lots of photographs of my children that aren’t blurry, shadowy and poorly lit as before. Laura Griffiths

Everything is the opposite to what I had thought. I know to use a longer lens instead of a short one and I double my knowledge every time I come. One becomes two, two becomes four and I reckon I’m up to sixteen now. Thanks for a good course. Dave Allen.

A great course covering the topics I was interested in and how to set up a studio without breaking the bank. I got to take portraits I didn’t think were possible at home. Suresh Thalange.