Macro Photography Course

Macro Photography Course on Saturday 22nd May 2021 - £135

If the government Covid Roadmap remains on track I should be able to start running courses again from Monday 17th May 2021. Providing nothing changes six people can meet indoors so I should be able to run my first weekend group course on Saturday 22nd May 2021. Further relaxation of the rules is expected on 21st June 2021 so hopefully we can start getting back to normal and run normal indoor course too.

The first group course will the Macro Course on Saturday 22nd May 2021 as this is mainly run outdoors.  Numbers will be limited to four students as the maximum number allowed for the indoor session under the rules is six, including Jacqui and I.  Social distancing and Covid protocols will be in place both indoors and outside. This will be a maximum of four people per course and social distancing and sanitation protocols will still be in place. People will not need to wear masks but contact will be avoided as much as possible. Food will not be provided so please bring a packed lunch.

Jacqui and I have both had our first jab but we will not be insisting that attendees have been vaccinated.  If the weather is fine then we may decide to hold as much of the course as possible outdoors.

You can read the government guidelines here –

You can book below on the understanding that things may change at short notice.

This Macro Photography course is limited to six students and it will show you how to shoot sharp, well focused close-ups of insects, flowers and small objects, such as coins and jewellery. We will also show you how to light objects like fossils correctly to bring out their detail. A multitude of subjects will be provided but if you have something special you like to photograph then bring that along too.

This 1 Day Macro Photography Course is suitable for the experienced novice or intermediate photographer. Ideally you will have attended one of our Beginners Photography Courses before taking this course as a good understanding of the menus and various camera settings will be required so you can concentrate on the subject at hand rather than the technicalities of setting your camera. You will require some specialist kit for this course so please see below for details and sample prices in the right hand column.

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Macro Photography Course on Saturday 22nd May 2021

If you have attended this Macro Course before you can attend for the Refresher price of £75 subject to availability.


Another fabulous course delivered in an easy to understand  manner while being given the opportunity to ask questions. Glen makes sure that everything is understood before moving on. The theory in the morning helps the practical in the afternoon even more enjoyable. Brilliant. Jane Allwright.

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So informative right from the start. I feel equipped to go out and practice the techniques. Another great course. Thanks Glen .
Christine Bluett

I learnt so much on this course. I loved the focus stacking and also photographs through raindrop. I will be trying all the techniques when I get home. Tara Lydon.

Excellent course yet again! Great tuition, both theory and practical and good fun too. Jane Coles

Most courses done and I’ve learnt something new every one of them. I may be skint but it’s been worth every penny. Dave Allen.

I came expecting a high standard of instruction and I was not disappointed. Excellent value for money and I would recommend this course to everyone. Lee Marshall