Product Photography Course

Product Photography Course

Learn How to Take You Own Product Photographs

Learn how to take fabulous product shots, while saving time and money, with one of our Product Photography Courses. In the morning we look at camera settings and controls followed by how to shoot quality product photographs in the afternoon. A small amount of Photoshop or Lightroom training can be included as time allows.

This course is also available as a more in-depth two day course. The two day course includes the complete beginners course on Day 1 followed by a more in depth Product Photography Course on Day 2. This additional time allows us to look at basic lighting set-ups followed by more in depth creative lighting on day two. Please contact us for more details.

One Day Product Photography Course for 1 or 2 Students – £650 here or within Leicestershire.

This one day course on location within Leicestershire and is suitable for 1 or 2 students. The morning consists of the camera settings and basics followed by a product photography session showing you how to use your equiptment at your location. If you do not hav ethe required kit I can probably provide this and give you a kit list.
The course includes 30 days email or phone support and I’m happy to review your images after the course and offer feedback.

Two Day Course – for 1 or 2 Students Here or within Leicestershire – £1000

A popular choice for a sole trader, or single user, is our Two Day Introductory Product Photography Course. This is ideal if you would like to improve your general photography as well as learning how to take pictures of your products.

It is also the best option you have never used a Digital Camera before or you are upgrading from your phone. We can also loan you a camera if needed.

Day one includes the Beginners Photography Course and this is followed by day two which is the Product Photography Course. These training days can be taken consecutively or as independent days if you would like to prefer to practice after day one.

The cost for one person is £650 for the two days for a single person or two people can attend for £1000.

The cost within Leicestershire for one or two students for the Two Day Course would be £1000 including travel etc. If you need an extra camera or kit I might be able to provide this at no extra cost.

It is recommended that you bring some of your products and any kit you already have so we can use what you already have. If you are starting from scratch you can use my lighting kit. The camera hire is normally £25 per day but there is no charge for this course.

A laptop with Lightroom and Photoshop would be very useful for the editing sessions but I do have a spare you can use on the day if needed.

Contact me to sort out dates and discuss your requirements.

Contact us to book a Product Photography Course. This can include basic Lightroom or Photoshop if required. If you do not need LR or PS then we can spend more time on your photography.

Product Photography Course Price Guide

*The on location in Leicestershire price includes up to 1 hour travel time from Kibworth or 30 miles. Other destinations by arrangement but as a guide additional travel time, including mileage, is calculated at approximately 75ppm.

These prices are the same for one or two students.
Additional students can attend for £150 each up to a max of four.

On Location or On-Site

We can offer training at our location in Smeeton Westerby, where we
will show you how to set up a simple home studio, or on location at your

In both cases we will show how to get the very best results out of
your camera equipment and available lighting. We will also provide you
with a lighting and set up diagram plus a list of any specialist kit you
will need.

How many people can attend the same course?

Up to three students can attend a single day course but please be
aware that the more students then the less individual practical time
per student there will be. If you did want more than 3 students then I can take six with the 2 day option.

Highly recommended.
Glen’s skill and experience is obvious and his passion is infectious.

We went to learn product photography for work. I arrived with no interest in photography beyond the need to learn for work, and left with enthusiasm to continue learning.

The course was exactly what we were looking for and had been tailored to our needs. We learned everything we needed to know and more. The teaching was delivered excellently and was paced well. The course was engaging and very enjoyable.

We travelled from Devon to attend and plan to go back at some point in the future. It was well worth the trip.
Ben & Joe Simpson –

More Details & FAQs

Employing a Professional Photographer…

Ideally there is no substitute for employing the services of a professional photographer. A good photographer will have the skills, experience and the correct camera and lighting equipment to produce high quality product shots every time.

…Or learn how to take your own product photographs

Sometimes it’s not always practical, or cost effective, to use a professional photographer each time you need a quick staff portrait or product shot.

All our product photography courses are run as private tuition and tailored to your individual requirements. We can suggest equipment for you prior to the training or we can bring our own and provide a kit list so you can purchase after the course.

Courses can be here, or on location for an extra charge, and include Photoshop tuition. These jargon free courses are explained in simple terms and we aim to give you a good understanding of how to light your products correctly and creatively. It’s important that you learn and understand the techniques rather than just be given a list of settings that suit one set-up scenario.

Photoshop Training for Product Photography

 A very big part of any product photography is Photoshop post production. This often involves background clean-up or cut-outs, resizing plus exposure and colour correction. If you have never used Photoshop before it may be better to attend the photography course first followed by the Photoshop course over two consecutive days. If you are a competent computer user we can recommend the combined Photography & Photoshop Workshops over a single extended day. It’s better for you to bring your own laptop with a copy of Photoshop but we can provide one if required.

During the course you will learn how to:

  • Adjust images for colour and contrast
  • Clean up or cut out backgrounds
  • Crop and resize for web or print purposes

Camera Equipment required

You will require a minimum level of equipment to attend one of these courses. If you do not have the necessary kit we can provide a simple studio set up for demonstration purposes and a shopping list so you can buy the kit before or after the course. Ideally you will need:
  • A Digital SLR camera
  • A separate flashgun or studio lights
  • A sturdy tripod
  • A background and stand
  • A selection of clamps
  • White Reflecting Card

What if I don’t have everything for the course?

We will advise you on any special equipment when you book. We can always use our camera kit and provide you with a shopping list plus suggested suppliers during the course.

Is there any support after the course?

We offer 30 days reasonable email or phone support after the training day. You can also email us pictures for comments.

Why is it more expensive for you to travel to us?

Because I need to allow for extra travel time, extra set-up time, fuel, expenses and lugging a car load of gear around.

How many people can attend the same course?

Up to three students can attend a course but please be aware that the more students then the less individual practical time per student there will be.

If you did want more than 3 students then I can take six with the 2 day option.

This Product Photography course was exactly what I needed. It was extremely practical and everything was explained simply so we could understand. I’m certain we will be able to continue to get the results we need. Jo Davies

A really amazing day and we all learnt so much. Glen was patient and was happy to explore a multitude of different lighting set-ups and scenarios. The Photoshop session was especially worthwhile and completed the day perfectly.  John Bilton

This course was particularly good with regards to understanding the exposure triangle and I found this invaluable. It’s quite an intensive course but I feel a lot happier finding my way around the various camera settings. Now to start saving up for the next one.
Karen Collinson

Hi Glen.
Thanks for a really informative course. I can’t believe how much we crammed into just one day. The course was worth every penny and I’ve already recovered the fee several times over. Highly recommended. Jim Hallman