DPC Filter Kit

Digital Photography Courses Filter Kit- 62mm, 67mm, 72mm and 82mm

If you plan to attend our Intermediate Photography Course you will require the filters included in our Digital Photography Courses Filter Kit.
The Intermediate Course aims to give you a greater understanding of the different camera setting covered on the beginners day plus many more camera operations. Most importantly I will cover the ” Exposure Triangle” which is the relationship between ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed in great depth. This knowledge will help improve your chances of getting “the shot” under many different lighting conditions.
We also cover the use of various filters on the Intermediate Course and for that reason we recommend the DPC Filter Kit.  The kit comes in various sizes to fit most popular lenses and includes various stepping rings to allow the filters to be used on different lenses.
If you already have filters, or want to buy a different brand, then you will require a Polarising Filter, ND8 and an ND64.

Buy a DPC Filter Kit- 62mm or 67mm.
Sorry, but out of stock of the 72mm and 82mm Kits.
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DPC Filter Kit
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The Intermediate Course is the natural progression to your Beginners Course for those who want to better understand exposure and how their camera works. It is a Level 2 Course so we do ask that you attend our Beginners Course first.

 If booking the Beginners / Intermediate Weekend please ensure there are spaces available on that weekend’s Beginners Course.

** Please contact me to be placed on the reserve list for this course. **

Filters and kit required for the Intermediate Course


The Digital Photography Course Filter Kit – From £45 – Buy Here

I’m constantly being asked to recommend filters for various courses so I decided to finally source my own set. I usually suggest buying filters from Amazon but some of their filters of variable quality and the sellers fluctuate so it’s difficult to provide consistent links. Several students have suggested I should sell a filter kit and so that’s what I’ve done.

The “Digital Photography Courses Filter Kit” consists of a UV, a Polariser, an ND8, an ND64 and a close up +2. To keep things simple I’m initially only buying these in a 62mm filter size, to suit my recommended Tamron18-270mm, but the cunning plan is to also include a 52-62mm stepping ring, for Nikon users, and a 58-62mm stepping ring, for Canon users. We also have a 82-77mm Kit.

Stepping Rings allow each filter to be used on a wide variety of lenses and save money in the long run by not having to buy multiple filter sizes. The UV filter is there for protection while the ND8 and Polariser is required for the Intermediate Course. The Close-up filter will help to prepare people for the Macro Course. The ND64 can also be used on the Intermediate Course and is a six stop filter which will allow you to get great pictures of flowing water. (See below for seaside example)

There is also a 82-77mm option for people with the 10-20mm (24mm) wide angle lenses at £60 which contains all the same filters except the Close-up.

NEW! There is also a 58-67mm option, at £45, with the same filters as the 62mm kit, and a 67-62mm and 67-58mm stepping rings. This is useful for people with the new Tamron 16-300mm or any lenses with a 67mm filter thread.

Please note the 72mm and 82mm Kits do not contain a Close-up lens.

Digital Photography Courses Filter Kit- 62mm, 67mm, 72mm and 82mm

Save Money with 58-62mm and 52-62mm Stepping Rings

To make this kit as useful as possible it includes two stepping rings. These are used to allow the 62mm filters to be used on 52mm filter thread Nikon lenses and 58mm filter thread Canon lenses as well as my recommended 62mm filter thread Tamron 18-270mm.

There is also a 72-67-62mm and a 82-77mm option for people with the 10-20mm (24mm) wide angle lenses or some larger lenses at £55 & £60 which contains all the same filters except the Close-up. This is to keep the costs down as the larger steppings rings and close-up lens add a lot to the price.

If you were to buy this 62mm kit as individual quality filters from Amazon it would probably cost you about £112.

62mm UV Protection Filter 62mm £15
62mm Circular Polarising Filter £15
62mm ND8 Neutral Density Filter £15
62mm ND64 Neutral Density Filter £35
62mm +2 Close up Lens £15
52mm to 62mm Stepping Ring £4
55mm to 62mm Stepping Ring £4
58mm to 62mm Stepping Ring £4
Folding Wallet & Lens Cleaning Cloth £5
Free How to use Filters Tips Card £0
Approx total for similar quality individual filters £112