Newsletter Photography Course

Newsletter Photography Course - TBA

The Pictures for Publication Course is like a mini Press Photography Course.
It is aimed at individuals & organisations who would like take creative and exciting portraits, group shots, or news pictures suitable for use in magazines, newspapers, newsletters, online resources, intranet’s or radio station websites.
It also makes a great photography team building day with positive and practical benefits where your staff can learn to take better photographs to support your organisation.

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During this course you will learn how to:

  • Understand the settings & menus of your digital camera
  • How to arrange a photoshoot picture request
  • Compose a group picture suitable for publication
  • Compose a portrait picture suitable for publication
  • How to write concise and informative captions
  • How to submit a picture for publication
  • On Site Live News Practical Photography Session (EXTRA)

I was reluctant to do the beginners course, but extremely glad that I did. Even after taking photos for a lot of years it helped me to know the fundamentals and build on then. Getting off the ‘auto setting’ was crucial and gave control. The beginners course was the best money that I ever invested in photography. Jim Tyson.

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Do your group shots look like a firing squad line up?

If you you are disappointed when taking pictures for use in your newsletters, school magazine, in house publications or company web sites then this “Pictures for Publication” course will be perfect for you.

Avoid The Firing Squad

The Pictures for Publication Photography Course is aimed at individuals and organisations who would like take portraits, groups, or news pictures suitable for inclusion in magazines, newspapers, newsletters, online resources, intranet’s or radio websites. This course will not turn you into a press photographer overnight but it should give you the confidence and skills required to produce photographs which will look good in your chosen publication. You will be shown how to avoid the “firing squad” type of picture that often finds it’s way into newsletters or local publications.

This course was particularly good with regards to understanding the exposure triangle and I found this invaluable. It’s quite an intensive course but I feel a lot happier finding my way around the various camera settings. Now to start saving up for the next one.
Karen Collinson

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. Everything I wanted to know about the more advanced techniques was covered. I’m really looking forward to going out and trying what I’ve learnt, especially regarding shutter speeds combined with aperture settings.
Margaret Rose