5 Day Advanced Photography Course - £1500

This course is only available to DPC students who have attended at least five group courses including: the Beginners, Intermediate and Portrait courses.

This private tuition course continues from where other group courses leave off and it includes more advanced versions of the Intermediate, Portrait, Flash, Lightroom & Photoshop courses as standard. The last day is reserved for a course to suit your specific requirements.

The Advanced Course differs from our Five Day Intensive which is intended for novices users and includes the basic Beginners and Intermediate Course.

Advance Course Induction Day Option £325

We understand that £1500 may be a big outlay and you might want decide if this is the right course for you before you fully commit. For this reason you can attend our Induction Day for the normal private tuition price of just £325. This is basically the beginners course with the option to discuss which of the other five courses would fit your needs best. Should you wish to continue with the course then we take the £325 off the full course price so you pay the £1175 balance.

If you were to pay for the six courses individually then the total cost would be over £1900 but we throw in the Night or the Macro Course as a free bonus.

Pay a Course Deposit Below.

Intensive Course Deposit
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I was reluctant to do the beginners course, but extremely glad that I did. Even after taking photos for a lot of years it helped me to know the fundamentals and build on then. Getting off the ‘auto setting’ was crucial and gave control. The beginners course was the best money that I ever invested in photography. Jim Tyson.

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We have introduced this course for people want to learn a lot about photography in a short time and maybe want to earn an income from their photographer without necessarily aiming to pursue a career as a full time professional photographer. Disclaimer: We make no claims about earnings or business success with this or any of our courses.

Difference between the Advanced and 5 Day Intensive Courses

The Five Day Intensive which is intended for novices users and includes the basic Beginners and Intermediate Courses.

The Advanced Course is limited to DPC students who have already attended several courses including the Beginners, Intermediate, Portrait and Flash courses

Five Day Monday to Friday Option.

The reason we aim to run the course over a five day period is to allow you to complete the training during a one week holiday. This is especially useful if you do not live locally or wish to commute. Accommodation isn’t included but we can suggest a accommodation nearby to suit a range of budgets. If you do live locally, prefer to spread the training over several weeks, you can attend for 2 or 3 days per week. The Intensive Courses must to be completed within three months to maintain momentum. No refunds are allowed for uncompleted courses..

Suggested Photography Courses – Business

  1. Beginners Photography Course
  2. Intermediate Photography Course
  3. Portrait & Home Studio Photography Course
  4. Product Photography Course
  5. Lightroom and Photoshop
  6. Business and Marketing Advice

About the Advanced Photography Course

This course is only available to DPC students who have attended at least five group courses including the Beginners, Intermediate and Portrait and Flash courses. This is because this course continues from where other group courses leave off.

The cost is £1500 for five advanced course days, which can be taken over five consecutive days, or as one day per week for five weeks. The five days in one week option is useful if you are travelling long distances or want to complete the course during a week’s holiday. The Advanced Courses must to be completed within three months to maintain momentum. No refunds are allowed.

 It is also available as a 221 option at £1250 per person providing both people attend the same courses at the same time. This is a useful option as the students can help each other with the portrait sessions and practice together.

If you want me be extra critical, as I would be with my pro-students, then just let me know when you enquire. You also have the option to include a business advice session with Jacqui, who is a qualified SVEDI business advisor.

Five Courses over 5 Days or One Day Per Week

This Advanced Five Day Private Tuition Photography Course is designed to teach you a lot in a very short period.

  1. The reason we are able to offer you six courses over five days, with a saving of over £400, is because each course is a stand alone module and the first section covers many of the same topics. This means the time we save each day allows us to offer you an extra free course within the five days.
  2. Option One. Six 121 private tuition course over five consecutive days. This is the best option if your are attending the course as a photographic holiday or you live some distance away and prefer not to travel each day. We can suggest local accommodation.
  3. Option Two. (Recommended) Six 121 private tuition courses over five non-consecutive days, usually one day per week. These courses are all quite intensive and you will learn a lot in one day. If time allows it’s beneficial to practice what you have learnt before attending the next course. It needs to be completed within three months to maintain momentum.
  4. Summer or Winter Bonus. We suggest the Night Photography Course as the sixth bonus course during the Winter months, as it get dark earlier, and the Macro Photography Course as the bonus course during the Summer, as there are more flowers and insects.
  5. *Home Projects and Feedback Option
    If you opt for the Business Option then you can choose to receive home projects and image feedback as your bonus. This is especially useful as it gives you the confidence to work alone without supervision.
    You will not be eligible for the Night or Macro courses unless you include this as one of your five courses.
  6. If you choose the Night Photography option this involves an extended day running into the evening with a slightly later start time.

Choose Any Six Photography Course From Below:

  1. Intermediate Photography Course – normally £325*
  2. Portrait Photography Course – normally £325
  3. Pictures for Publication Course – Normally £325
  4. Photoshop Basics course – normally £325
  5. Photoshop Intermediate course – normally £325
  6. Lightroom – Laptop with Lightroom required £325
  7. HDR & RAW Photography Course – normally £325
  8. Creative Lighting Course – normally £325
  9. Flash Photography Courses (Flash Required) – normally £325
  10. Product Photography Course – normally £399
  11. Night Photography Course (Winter Only) – normally £325
  12. Macro Photography Course (Summer Only) – normally £325
  13. Composition and Seeing the Picture Course – normally £325
  • Total value if booked separately = £1950

The DPC Filter Kit – From £45 – Buy Here

I’m constantly being asked to recommend filters for various courses so I decided to finally source my own set. I usually suggest buying filters from Amazon but some of their filters of variable quality and the sellers fluctuate so it’s difficult to provide consistent links. Several students have suggested I should sell a filter kit and so that’s what I’ve done.

The “DPC Universal Filter Kit” consists of a UV, a Polariser, an ND8, an ND64 and a close up +2. To keep things simple I’m initially only buying these in a 62mm filter size, to suit my recommended Tamron18-270mm, but the cunning plan is to also include a 52-62mm stepping ring, for Nikon users, and a 58-62mm stepping ring, for Canon users. We also have a 82-77mm Kit.

Stepping Rings allow each filter to be used on a wide variety of lenses and save money in the long run by not having to buy multiple filter sizes. The UV filter is there for protection while the ND8 and Polariser is required for the Intermediate Course. The Close-up filter will help to prepare people for the Macro Course. The ND64 can also be used on the Intermediate Course and is a six stop filter which will allow you to get great pictures of flowing water. (See below for seaside example)

There is also a 82-77mm option for people with the 10-20mm (24mm) wide angle lenses at £60 which contains all the same filters except the Close-up.

NEW! There is also a 58-67mm option, at £45, with the same filters as the 62mm kit, and a 67-62mm and 67-58mm stepping rings. This is useful for people with the new Tamron 16-300mm or any lenses with a 67mm filter thread.

A great day. Lots of technical information to process but great course notes for me to refer back to. It’s great to have all the camera settings explained clearly so I can use them to improve my photography shots. James Wesson

Another great day with lots of useful info and a really good next step up from the Beginners Course. It’s given me another boost to get out and practice my new skills. I’m already looking forward to my next course. Joanna Boughy

This course was particularly good with regards to understanding the exposure triangle and I found this invaluable. It’s quite an intensive course but I feel a lot happier finding my way around the various camera settings. Now to start saving up for the next one.
Karen Collinson

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. Everything I wanted to know about the more advanced techniques was covered. I’m really looking forward to going out and trying what I’ve learnt, especially regarding shutter speeds combined with aperture settings.
Margaret Rose