Flash Photography Course

Flash Photography Course - Sunday 23rd July 2023 - £150 - Full

Following feedback from past students we are now running a dedicated Flash Photography Course. This course with teach you everything you need to know about using a Speedlight flash both on and off the camera with wireless remote releases. It will cover portraits, both indoors and outside, plus how to use slow flash and rear curtain flash techniques.

You will require a camera and a separate flashgun for the shoot but all other equipment is provided.

It will recap on some elements from the Creative Lighting Course and the Portrait Courses but go into a lot more depth on the operation of the flash and its menus and settings

This is a Level Two course so you will need to have attended a beginners course first. During this photography course you will learn about :

  1. The menus, settings and controls of your flashgun
  2. How to use the flash on camera for bounce flash
  3. How to use the flash off the camera with a cable
  4. How to use the flash remotely off camera with wireless triggers
  5. How to use the Nikon or Canon Creative Lighting Systems
  6. How to use flashguns for more creative lighting
  7. How to use your flash outdoors for fill-in flash
  8. How to take exciting portraits using flash
  9. How to use rear curtain sync to show movement
  10. Using repeat flash for multiple images

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Flash Photography Course
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Another brilliant course from the Master! There were lots of useful hints and tips along with all the technical stuff. I’m off to try lots more flash photography. Rob Bent

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An excellent course as usual. This course will definitely give me the confidence in using the flash in a variety of situations. It also made me realise I would be better off with a branded rather than third party flashgun. Gordon Bell

Another excellent course. I stepped outside my comfort zone with this more technical course but thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve learnt loads but have come away with a long shopping list of must have items.
Shan Swann

This was a really easy to understand course and made some of the shots that I thought would be really difficult seem so easy. The backlit smoke picture being an example. The practical portrait session was also very useful. Mark Baker.

There’s a lot to take in on this course but I was able to go from zero knowledge to be using the flash effectively with some extra practice. Teresa Lardner