Digital Photography Course Testimonials

I found the beginners course very interesting and informative. Glen was very keen to help everyone and answer questions. I feel far more confident switching between the various settings now. Sian Power,

Fabulous day. Well paced and informative with lots of practical advice. As a novice photographer Glen was very patient and made learning easy. I can’t wait to get started now. Julie Jenkins.

Excellent Intermediate Course which covered lots of details but well worth it and I would recommend to anyone. Jo Burton.

Another great course by Glen. He really explained the next level of photography in a manner that is easy to understand. Glen knowledge and presentation skills are superb. Jonathan Crook.

Glen has been very patient and accommodating sorting out my camera problems. Rina Asbrey.

Great hands on experience day. Glen has very impressive knowledge.  Debbie Burke.

A very well paced course covering everything you need to know to give you the confidence to stop using manual mode. Plenty of opportunities to have all your questions answered.  Madeleine Donaldson.

I really enjoyed today. I learnt a lot of new info and refreshed some past experiences. Thanks for helping me. Bethany Batho

I now feel more confident in taking good pictures and knowing my way around the settings of my camera. Joanne Vickers.

A really enjoyable day with just the right balance of theory and practical. Trevor Pell.

I have learnt a huge amount in just one day. Excellent tuition. Many thanks.  Everything was made really clear with lots of 1 to 1 support, including during the practical session. First class. Angela Kirk

A fun course and I learnt a lot. I’m much more confident with my camera. Kim Tempest.

Very well explained and helpful course at a great pace and very interactive. Highly recommended. Kyle Burn.

A very good course which was full of information. Glen really knows his stuff. Kirsty Baxter.

A very interesting flash photography course presented at the correct level for me. Dave Kidd.

I’ve learned a lot and I must go out and practise but I feel inspired to do so. Claire Jackson.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course.  It was definitely of benefit to me having the 1 to 1 tuition. I look forward to practising the techniques. Nick Ward

A really great starter course. I feel a lot more confident going out to take pictures off the auto setting now, Janet Thomson.

The entire day was well organised and structured. I already feel 100% more confident in using the correct settings and understanding when to use them. Glen is an excellent teacher and helpful in every way possible. Lara Addison

A great learner course, in a friendly environment, which leaves you wanting to learn and practice even more. Jarrod Christie-Smith.

Even as a teenager the course was easy to understand and has already increased my photography skills massively. Georgia

Fabulous course with loads of information. Everything was clearly explained and a great practical session with feedback. Sam Baguley.

I really enjoyed this beginner’s course and I’m interested to attend other courses that will help me achieve my goal of wedding and family photography. Christina.

 I enjoyed this course and I feel much more confident with my camera but need to practice. Jo Lowe.

A very good practical course with a patient and knowledgeable teacher.  Alex Robinson.

A fabulous easy to follow course with a good balance of theory and practical work. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and learnt loads. Katie Higham.

I really enjoyed getting the camera off the full auto setting.  A very informative course in which Glen covered a huge amount. It was great to be in a small group to benefit from Glen’s vast experience on so many aspects of photography. Carolyn Robinson.

A really good photography course. I had literally only managed to put the battery and memory card at the start of the day. By the end of the course I had several photographs I feel proud of.  I’m really enthusiastic to go out and practise tomorrow. Kim.

The Portrait Course provided a good balance between theory and practice. We were shown how to select the correct camera settings to take good portraits in different environments and given advice on how to set up a home studio. Yet another excellent course in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I’m looking forward to my next one. Kamila Marshall

The ‘Beginners Course’ provided a very well structured introduction to DSLR photography and I now feel more confident in using my camera with the correct settings for taking creative photographs. I would highly recommend the course and will certainly be undertaking further courses. I’m looking forward to my next course. Kamila Marshall

A very friendly and easy to understand course. I wish I had met Glen before I purchased my camera because his knowledge and technical advice is amazing and I wouldn’t have wasted my money on a bridge camera. I can’t wait to get a new DSLR and take the pictures I want to. Tania Kent – Beginners Course.

A really well paced course and not full of technical jargon. Very effective teaching methods which were easy to understand and Glen made sure all our questions were answered. Nathan Ingram – Beginners Course.

Superb! Glen unlocked the mystery of the terminology and I feel much more confident in coming off Full Auto. Many Thanks. Colin Jones – Beginners Course.

Glen’s teaching skills were great and he was very patient. Before attending the course I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to keep up as I find learning about technical details quite difficult. I needn’t have worried as Glen made it easy to understand and proved that even beginners are able to take good photographs after just one day. Emma Anderton

Excellent Day! I was frustrated that I didn’t feel I grasped everything instantly but after practicing I felt much more confident being able to work at my own speed. This course has renewed my interest in photography. Caroline Jackson

“I now feel confident using my camera to it’s potential and found Glen’s tips on picture taking very useful. Everything was explained in terms that were easy to understand” M Donaldson

“Very good, very useful – much appreciated” Mike Roberts

“Focused well to my needs” – Buzz Coleman

“Fantastic-I am much happier with my photography. This course would have saved me hours of experimenting ha I done it before. Now I have to improve my composition!” – Cat Thompson

” A good overall course covering lots of areas. We were given an excellent card to take away with advice.” Andy Holland

 “The practical information was really good, lots of information, tips and encouragement – Just what I needed.” – Shan Swann

“Just the right number of students on the course, the info was very well explained.”
Andrew Stevenson

“I found the day enjoyable, useful. I have learned how to use my camera better both during and post shooting- Highly recommended.” Rick Burdick

“Excellent day, Truly many ‘light bulb’ moments!” – Mary Hartfield

A fantastic day course, very well explained and I now feel very confident to use off auto setting and look forward to the next course. – Andy Blyth

“Information explained in a very straight forward and easy to understand way. Practical advice and the field photography really valuable and educational “– Simon Hubbard

“An excellent day with information that was clear and easy to understand. Backed up with a great practical session, thank you” – Lyn Edwards

“Demystified RAW and HDR, the Photomatic software was very impressive” – Tony Meakin

“Excellent day once again and a great start to knowing when and how to use RAW and HDR” Roger Batt

“Good level of information, great balance between practical and complexity. Got to the place I wanted to be to go away and use it.” Simon Hubbard 


Thoroughly enjoyable course with good content delivered very well. Ray Sheward

Very useful and clear instruction. Just need a new lens now. Dudley Gall

Learnt lots and can’t wait to go out and practice. Ruth Mitchell.

Nice easy pace. What always boggles my mind is just how many settings there are. Glen condenses this to a very few required settings which makes me far more confident going forward. Ian Colledge.

I learnt a lot on this Intermediate, .. again. Thanks Nick Garnham

Really good pace and everything very well explained. Chris Hobson

Brilliant day. I learnt a lot. Heather Marfleet.

This course helped me to understand the relationship between aperture, shutter speed and ISO. I’m going use the notes to fully get to grips with the process. Tony Rous

Another great course and I’ll be going home with lots more information to put into practice. At last I have more understanding on how to get the best from my camera. Thanks Glen. Julie Milne.

This course was perfectly aimed at someone like me who wants to better understand their camera. I now feel equipped to take photos and understand why they haven’t worked out and be able to rectify them. There is a lot of content on the course but it is explained in a way that is easy to understand. Jane Fallon.

Another excellent course. I stepped outside my comfort zone with this more technical course but thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve learnt loads but have come away with a long shopping list of must have items. Shan Swann – Flash Photography Course.

The Macro course is probably my favourite course so far. It was really enjoyable, especially the practical side, and macro lenses are Fab. I feel I have learnt so much but I fear I may spend far to long looking at the world in close up. Shan Swann – Macro Photography Course.

As usual another informative and relaxed day. I now understand how to use my new flashgun and I’m longer frightened to experiment.  I’m looking forward to taking some photographs of my granddaughter. Mary Hartfield – Flash Photography Course.

I’m Looking Forward to taking lots of photographs of my children that aren’t blurry, shadowy and poorly lit as before. Laura Griffiths – Portrait Photography Course

Excellent course once again. I felt comfortable with the level of information and Glen covered all the points I wanted. Adrian Hall – Portrait Photography Course

Glen covered everything I needed to know about setting up a studio at home and how to take portraits with confidence. Thank you. Nicola Blakeway – Portrait Photography Course

An excellent day which I hope to follow up once the weather is better. It was very cold outside.  Gary Hayes – Beginners Course.

A well paced course and very interesting. I will now be seen around my local village snapping away. George Frizzell – Beginners Course.

From zero to confident in just one day! Paul Woolley – Beginners Course.

Exceeded expectations! Jeremy Ridge – Beginners Course.

A great day with so much to digest. I’ve learnt more than I ever imagined and now to put it into practice. I will definitely be back again and recommend the courses to others. Thank you. Elaine McLean – Beginners Course.

A very easy to understand course with excellent hands on practical experience and advice. Sarah May – Beginners Course.

Excellent Day. I learnt more in 6 hours than in the last 3 months about how to use the flash and settings on my camera. I’m sure this new knowledge will enhance my photographs a great deal. KS. – Portrait Photography Course

A really great day in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Within an hour I had learnt so much and was able to apply it straight away in the practical sessions. I can’t wait to get out and start taking great pictures. Thank you. Mark Atkinson

A great course which was very well put across. I will be going home confident in how to use the P, A,and S  settings. A fantastic day with so much knowledge gained. Thanks. Peter Dennis.

I was amazed at the quality and standard of the photographs I have taken from a single day course. Toby Maloy

Very clear instruction. Lots of information given and the practical sessions give you a chance to try it all out. Thank you very much. I’ve really enjoyed it and I’ll be back for more when I’ve mastered what I have learnt today. Jeanette Hill

This course was excellent. I feel I will be able to use all the info to my advantage. I would like to attend more courses to improve my photography skills in the future. Many thanks. Wendy Deacon

A really very helpful course. I feel I can come off automatic. I really enjoyed the simple explanations and I came away with some not bad results too. Thanks. Steve Booth

I love the way Glen gives clear, easily understood guidelines. I feel ready to go out equipped with more knowledge on how to use the camera more effectively plus I will never use Full Auto ever again. Jan Knox.

Glen made the subject easy to understand and I started to feel more confident with the camera immediately. Now to start taking good photos. Dave Bason

Excellent introduction and clearly explained. Good balance of theory and practical. The sensible sized group allowed for individual attention for all the participants questions in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Very Good. Gordon Warren.

Fantastic day. Lots of useful information presented in an easily understood way. Not only did I learn how to use my camera but also take great pictures. Lesya Sturman.

Glen’s beginners course was absolutely at the right pace, extremely informative, very clear and made simple for the novice. I feel so much more confident and comfortable experimenting with my camera and look forward to the next course. Wendy Robbins

Glen’s informal and simple way of explaining things was very refreshing. I really did learn a lot and this course has improved my photography already. Highly recommended. Neil Mascall.

Made to feel welcome and comfortable. Very informative at a good speed to learn and retain the information. I will definitely be back for more courses. Thank you.  Carrie Short

Excellent course. Nothing is too much trouble for Glen to explain. Lesley Tailby

Fantastic course. Glen was extremely knowledgeable and delivered everything amazingly well. Very friendly atmosphere and setting. Dean Kendall.

I’m delighted to have attended this course which met all my objectives and even added some things I had never considered. I thoroughly recommend this as both accessible and enjoyable. Jonathan Clarke.

Very good and I now understand how I was using my lenses incorrectly. Nick Ford.

Brilliant Course! Initial tuition on understanding the camera made a complex subject very simple. I now understand my camera rather than being frustrated by it. Thank you. Andrew Burgess.

Excellent Course and well worth the trip up from London. Dr Nick Cheese.

Good Course. Easy to understand with a patient trainer. Marion Lewin

A well-designed course equally suitable for beginners and those with some knowledge. If you are not sure about anything then just ask to be shown again. Highly recommended. Greg Pentelow.

Super friendly and helpful. Glen is very patient and happy to repeat things if needed. Thanks. Kimberley Durham.

Thank you for a brilliant day. I’ve learnt so much and I can’t wait to try out my new-found skills. Lunch was delicious too.  Joanne Parnaby.

Great course. Learnt loads. No more Auto. Fiona Jones.

Amazing Course. Highly recommended. Vicky Ward.

This course simplifies the main elements of photography so well. This is by far the best photography course I ever attended by far. Erika Clarkson.

An excellent course.  Glen was extremely informative and knowledgeable.  Every question was answered in a detailed but easy to understand manner. Leanne Lee.

Excellent Tuition with everything very well explained. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would not hesitate to recommend it to others. Brilliant and a lovely lunch too. Lorraine Barker.

Very helpful and well worth the money. Glen showed us lots of different techniques in an easy to understand way. I will definitely be back on other courses. Kelly Berry

I liked the pace and the blend with the practical, theory and the reviewing of pictures. Manish Amin

An Informative and enjoyable course. It  was like opening Pandora’s box.  Callum Cameron

As a beginner to DSLR photography I was amazed how much I learned on a one day. Glen explains everything in an easy to understand format and I would certainly recommend this course to others.  John Bedward

A brilliant course and I’m looking forward to using my new skills and attending the next course. Ben Caves

This very informative, instructive and fun course certainly got me off the Automatic Setting. Sharon Wheldon

As an absolute beginner I was a little anxious about the course however it was fabulous, nicely paced and interactive with lots of practical time. I feel really inspired to head out across the fields to take more pictures. Lynne Stanley

After struggling to get off the fully Automatic setting, by reading a book, this course has been great for explaining how to make much better use of my camera and how to improve my photography. I now have to go out and practice.  A thoroughly useful and enjoyable day.  Moyra Bulter       

A good course which was very well presented. I feel a lot more confident about switching my camera off the Full Auto setting.  Stuart Richardson

A good all round course which was not too mind blowing but very informative with lots of tips and tricks. I will be booking on the Intermediate course.  Stross Martin         

A very good course with hands on practical tips and without too much theory.  Glen has very good people and teaching skills and I enjoyed the course very much. Angela Eastwood

 Having had my camera for 7 months I felt it was time to get it off the “Full Auto” mode. This course has given me the confidence to be able to use the different setting to be more creative with my photography. I’m looking forward to attending more courses to expand my knowledge even further.  Julian Broadhead

This course was very useful and enlightening. A lot of information was packed in and I look forward to going away and putting it all into practice. Laura Griffiths-Brown