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Corvid-19 Update – 13/08/2020

Sadly we are unable to run group courses at the moment to to the restrictions.  We are still running 121 Private Tuition and Virtual Online Courses.

With everyone being asked to socially distance we have decided to start running our training as virtual online courses until things improve.  You will get the same great content and face to face help so you can ask me questions just as you would on a normal group course. You will still be able to interact with other members on the course and I will give you practical projects you can do in your garden to avoid going out in public.

I will send you the course handouts and you will be able to follow along with the course slides and ask questions in exactly the same way as you would on a normal group course. As an added bonus you have the choice of either a free one hour online 121 call after the course or a free half day of practical photography when things improve.

Option One.
I will give you practical projects to complete after the course based on the course content. This is followed by a free one hour 121 online chat so I can look at your images, resolve any problems and offer constructive feedback. 

Option Two.
There will be a free half day, once things settle down, for us to get together and run through the outdoor practical sessions we would have done on the original course. This would be followed by a constructive feedback session.

All group courses postponed until at least September 2020
Hi. Glen here from Digital Photography Courses
I’m sure that, like most people, you have concerns over the Corona Virus situation and how it effects our daily lives and your upcoming course.
At the moment we are monitoring the government guidelines closely and we are taking extra precautions to keep all our student safe.
People have been contacting me to ask if courses are still running as normal and up until yesterday (Sunday 15th March 2020) this was the case.
As we only have small groups, that does minimize any risks, and we taking extra precautions to sterilise surfaces and use disposable towels etc.
I’m not one to panic, but I do believe in being sensible, so I have taken the difficult decision to postpone all group courses until at least September 2020. I will review the situation as things progress.
At the moment I’m happy to still run private tuition days at £325 or 221s days at £199 each if students are fit and healthy and accept the risks. Contact with others will be kept to a minimum. This may change.
You can contact me to rearrange a date or we can leave it open until sanity and safety returns.
In the meantime I’m looking into ways of running virtual training courses for people who need to isolate. Watch this space.
Thank you for your understanding and please keep healthy and safe.
Very best wishes
Glen and Jacqui

Hello Everyone  (Sunday 1st March 2020)

We just want to reassure all of our students that we are doing everything we can to keep everyone safe in light of the ongoing Coronavirus in the UK.

We are following the government guidelines and hand washing facilities are always available along with antiseptic hand gel.

All courses have a maximum of six students, and we will not be mixing with crowds, so we believe there is minimum risk. All courses are running as normal and any changes will be announced on the Home Page. 

If we have to cancel a course for any reason Students will be contacted by email so please ensure we have an up to date email address.

If you have any of the virus symptoms, or have been asked to self isolate, then please let us know ASAP and we will aim to rearrange your course for a later date.

If you have any concerns please contact us. For more information on the virus please go to the government website:



Covid 19 Precautions

  1. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic there are certain extra precautions we need to take to ensure everyones safety.
  2. Please understand that these restrictions apply to both your household and our household.
  3. We will contact you if any of the below conditions apply to us and we would ask you to do the same.
  4. We will do everything we possibly can to ensure your safety but by agreeing to attend this course means that you accept these condition and you will not hold Digital Photography Courses, or anyone connected with us liable.
  5. Please contact us to re-arrange your course if any of the conditions below apply.
  • You have a temperature, cough, cold, hayfever sneezing, loss of smell or taste.
  • If you have tested positive for Covid 19 or you have been asked to self isolate.
  • If you have knowing been in contact with anyone with the virus in the 14 days leading up to the course.
  1. On arrival we will not be able to shake hands and sadly I will not be able to help you with your bags etc.
  2. We will not be able to handle each others cameras, lenses or accesories.
  3. At least 2 metre social distancing will need to to be maintained whenever possible.
  4. Should we need to be closer than 2m then face covering must be  worn.
  5. A blue surgical mask can be provided if you do not have a suitable face covering.
  1. Coffee & biscuits are provided, but unfortunately we can not provide meals, so pleased bring a packed lunch. Bottled water is provided.
  2. For the indoor and outdoors sessions we will be at least 2m apart so a mask need not be worn.
  3. Paper towels and hand sanitizers are provided and you will have exclusive access to the toilet.
  4. Door handles and surfaces will be sanitize at regular intervals..
  5. If you have any other concerns then please let use know before the course.

Most courses start at 9.45am and run through to 5pm and include a light buffet lunch. The Night Photography Course starts at 1.30pm and runs until about 9pm and includes a light supper.

We are situated in the heart of picturesque rural Leicestershire at 25 Westerby Lane Smeeton Westerby, Leicestershire, LE8 0RA.
Tel 0116 279 6906. email glen@digitalphotographycourses.co.uk

The course are suitable for Digital SLR, Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) Cameras, Bridge Camers and high end compacts. The main thing is that they have a PASM or Av and Tv dial.

Yes, please. The beginners course is about so much more than “How to use your camera” and is the backbone of all our courses and we constantly refer back to this day during most other courses. You will enjoy the Level 2 courses a lot more with this knowledge.

Yes. We keep two spare cameras with zoom lenses available to hire at £25 per day. We recommend this option if you are planning to buy a camera and want to make an informed decision.

Beginners Photography Course Camera Hire

Coffee, tea and biscuits are provided on arrival and there is water and squash available throughout the day. There is a light buffet lunch with a vegetarian option but if you have any special dietary requirements we recommend you bring a packed lunch. 

No! Wedding photography is a highly developed skill which involves a great deal of photographic knowledge and personality. It requires the ability to work quickly & unobtrusively but most of all it requires confidence & great people skills. The wedding party will look to the photography to organise the groups and set up the pictures quickly, efficiently and creatively in whatever surroundings or weather conditions prevail. This expertise only comes from experience and good training.

To run a wedding photography course properly we would need to hire a venue, a bride and groom, a best man, a maid of honour, two sets of parents, bridesmaids and a page boy. Unless we had a dozen students this would be viable so it is for this reason we do not offer a wedding photography course.

We strongly believe that you need to handle your camera with complete confidence before you should attempt wedding photography. The fully auto approach is fine on a nice sunny day outside but what happens if it rains and you have to shoot indoors? For a start the range of a built in flash is only about 3 metres so it’s unlikely to cover a large group shot indoors. Once you feel totally confident in your camera handling abilities you should be able to tackle any situation as it arises. Our individually designed courses will allow you to tackle a wide range of subjects which in turn will allow you to tackle a variety of subjects.