Level 2 Courses

Beginners Photography Courses & Gift Vouchers

Beginners Photography Course

Beginners Photography Course

Please attend a Beginners Course before any Level Two Courses as this course is about so much more than how to use your camera. This day is the foundation for all our other training and we constantly refer back to it on other courses. You will be at a disadvantage without this knowledge.

Private Photography Tuition

Private 121 Photography Tuition

All our group courses have a maximum of six students but we understand that some people prefer 121 Private Tuition. If you’re someone who likes to ask a lot of questions, or maybe likes to work at a slightly slower pace, then maybe 121 tuition is a better option for you.

Course Gift Vouchers

121 Digital Photography Course Gift Vouchers

Photography Course Gift Vouchers are available as full or part payment for any Photography or Photoshop / Lightroom courses.They can be booked for a certain date or be left open for up to one year. Vouchers are available in £25, £50, £75, £100, £135 and £325 options.

Level Two Photography Courses

Intermediate Photography Course

Intermediate Photography Course

The Intermediate Course is the natural progression to your Beginners Course for those who want to understand the exposure triangle. We go into much greater depth into the camera menus and settings. This is a Level 2 Course so we do ask that you attend our Beginners Course first.

Night Photography Course

Night and Low Light Photography Course

The low-light and night time photography course will show you how to take pictures at indoors in low light plus pictures at night without using your flash. Your own tripod would be helpful but we do have a couple of spares.. The course runs from 2pm to about 9pm and includes a light supper.

Macro Photography Course

121 Macro Photography Course

This course specializes in taking sharp, well focused close-ups of insects, flowers and small objects such as coins and jewellery. We’ll also show you how to light objects to bring out detail. A multitude of objects are provided but you are welcome to bring something photograph.

Landscape Photography Courses

Landscape & Bird Course

Bird & Landscape Photography Course

This course will be show you how to photograph landscapes, flowers and birds in their natural habitat. It takes place at the Anglia Water Bird Watching Centre, Rutland Water, Oakham, Leicestershire. A tripod and remote release are recommended but we do have spares.

Seeing the Picture Course

Understand Perspective

The Composition and Seeing the Picture Courses one day course is aimed at photographers who are confident using their camera but feel they struggle to “See a Picture”.
We will have a series of exercises aimed at encouraging you to spot pictures in areas where you might normally walk on by.

Filters for Landscapes

Filters for Landscape Photography Course

We briefly cover using filters on the Intermediate Photography Course but this dedicated Filter Photography Day will allow us to spend more time on composition while using polarizing, neutral density and graduated filters to improve your landscape photography


HDR & RAW Courses

HDR and Raw Photography Course

This is one of my favourite courses because I’m a great fan of including the sun in my landscapes. I just love those long shadows and the fabulous cloud formations with the sunlight streaming through. HDR allows us to create photographs which are more like the image you saw when you took the shot.

Seeing the Picture Course

Seeing The Picture Course

The Composition and Seeing the Picture Courses one day course is aimed at photographers who are confident using their camera but feel they struggle to “See a Picture”.
We will have a series of exercises aimed at encouraging you to spot pictures in areas where you might normally walk on by.

DPC Filter Kit

10 Stop ND Filter Long Exposure

We cover the use of various filters on the Intermediate Course so recommend the DPC Filter Kit. This comes in sizes to fit most popular lenses and includes stepping rings to allow the filters to be used on different lenses. If you already have filters, or want to buy a different brand, then you will require a Polarising Filter, ND8 and an ND64.

Portrait Photography Courses

Portrait Photography Course

Portrait Photography Courses by Glen Tillyard

This is our regular Portrait Photography Course which covers taking portraits using reflectors or fill-in flash outdoors. This is followed by Speed-light flash portraits and low key images by window light. There will be the chance to shoot high key images against a pure white background.  We also have a Studio Course

Studio Portrait Course

Portrait Photography Courses by Glen Tillyard

The Studio Portrait Course which covers taking portraits using studio flash with a wide range of light modifiers, like soft-boxes, umbrellas and snoots.  We will shoot high and low-key portraits against a variety of backgrounds using several different lighting set-ups. All lighting is provided so you just need a camera and lens.

Flash Photography Course

Speed-light Flash Photography Course

Using the camera’s built in flash can result in pictures which are flat and uninteresting. This course will show you how to use a separate flashgun away from the camera to provide more creative and interesting lighting. You will require a separate flashgun and a remote trigger to fire the flash off the camera.

Lightroom, Photoshop & Editing Courses

Lightroom Course

121 Lightroom Private Tuition

Lightroom has become so powerful over the last few years that many photographers rarely need to jump into Photoshop. It can import, file, sort, keyword, caption and edit your RAW files then export them in a range of sized with or without watermarks. If you are an intermediate photographer who likes editing landscapes then this is the course for you.

Photoshop Course

Photoshop Course

  Photoshop still rules when it comes to serious image manipulation like replacing skies or repairing old photographs. The difference between Photoshop and Lightroom is that PS works on Layers and changes the pixels in the image whereas LR is database driven so is used more for making colour or tonal corrections and it is non destructive.

Product Photography

Product Photography

This course can be run as a 121 Private tuition session or as part of the Intensive or Advanced Photography Courses. It can also be run as a small group course training staff  to take good images of a limited range of products or staff portraits. It can also be run with larger groups as a two day course with the Beginners Course on Day 1 followed by products on Day 2.

Specialist & Advanced Photography Courses

Five Day Intensive Photography Private Tuition

Five Day Intensive Photography Course

The Five Day Intensive Photography Course includes six 121 Private Tuition courses over a five day period. Ideally it is run one day a week over 5 consecutive weeks but it is available in a 5 day block. It is intended for students who want to learn a lot in a short period or those that are planning to take the five day advanced course.

Five Day Advanced Photography Private Tuition

Five Day Advanced Photography Course

The Advanced Course includes five 121 courses over five days. Ideally it runs one day a week over 5 consecutive weeks but it is available in a 5 day block. Students must have attended several of our group courses, or the 5 Day Intensive Course. This course includes home projects which you will be expected to complete before your next visit.

Pictures for Publication or Newsletter Photography

Flash Photography Course

The Pictures for Publication Newsletter Photography course is aimed at the people taking pictures for corporate websites or newsletters. It covers how take portraits, groups and presentations suitable for in house publications or the local press. It can be run as a 1 or 2 day course depending on numbers.


Derek Welsh

I thoroughly enjoyed the day and after four years of owning a digital camera I’ve learned more in one day than I had in the previous four years put together. At last I understand what I’m doing and I look forward to taking much better photographs.

Jon Mosely

This course was excellent and I learnt an enormous amount. I now feel really confident and cannot wait to go out with my camera and really enjoy it. No more auto settings for me.

Annie W.

I’m on an Art Foundation course at Loughborough University and since attending Glen’s beginners course I feel my photography has improved greatly and I am much more confident at altering my camera setting quickly. My tutors said that my photographs were as good the third year fine art degree students! I look forward to attending another one of your courses over the summer. Annie.

Margot Leach

Fantastic photography course. Glen is a brilliant teacher and the course was not only hugely informative but great fun. I learnt so much about camera settings, including things I didn’t know existed. Excellent tuition which covered both technical and photographic aspects. Terrific value.

Denise Connor

I loved everything about this course. Glen was very patient and was always willing to answer the dumbest questions. I thoroughly enjoyed putting the theory into practice during the practical sessions. The course also had nice food in comfortable surroundings in a delightful village. Thank you to Glen and Jacqui.