Estate Agent Photography Course

Estate Agent Photography Course

Learn How to Take You Own Estate Agent Photographs

It is available as a 1 or 2 Day Course depending on the level you are at before the course. The 2 day course includes an advanced Beginners Course on Day 1 so that you fully understand how to use your camera before day 2. On day 2 this course will show you how to take quality interior and exterior images of homes and properties. 

It will show you how to get correctly exposed rooms and balance the indoor lighting with the outside daylight. I’ll also show you how to avoid wonky shaped rooms and correct wide angle lens distortion both indoors and outside.

The 2 two day course costs £750 for one person or £1000 for two. The single day course is really aimed confident camera user and focus more on lighting, HDR and flash techniques which would normally be covered on Day 2 of the two day course.

Please contact us for payment details.

 Problems associated with Estate Agent Photography.

  1. To fit enough into the picture a wide angles lens is required. These can cause barrel distortion or converging verticals. I’ll show you how to fix these annoying problems.
  2. Lighting. If it’s bright outside and the room is darker this can make getting the correct exposure tricky. Sometimes it can cause flare and overly bright windows. I’ll show you two ways to solve this problem.
  3. Outdoors. Buildings can look like they are falling over or not level. We can fix this.
  4.  No blue sky. Even though the weather is nice the lighting looks flat. I can show you how to fix this so your buildings look more attractive and saleable.

Book an Estate Agent Photography Course.

This is a specialist two day course incorporating segments from various courses to ensure it caters for all the elements of Estate Agent Photography. If you wish we can also include some PR Photography Training for your website or promotions.

Please contact us first to confirm your requirements and confirm a price.

The training for this course is based  on the training offered on our Professional Photography Course. To give you idea of what’s possible please see the photography of two of my professional student.

Paul Richards

Jim Muller –

I don’t expect anyone to be as good as them immediately but everyone has to start somewhere. The course they did was three months long and covered all aspects of professional photography. This two day course takes the relevant modules to create a specific course for your requirements.

What’s included in the Estate Agent Photography Course?

This would be based on parts of our Beginners Course and  the Intermediate Course, to show them how to use the camera, the HDR and RAW editing Course and the Pictures for Publication Course for the PR section. It would need to be over a minimum of two days depending on numbers.

What kit is required?

Each person would need a camera with a wide and lens and a laptop or PC with Adobe Lightroom installed. LR is available to download just before the course as a 7 day trial version

Hi Glen. Thanks for a really informative course. I can’t believe how much we crammed into just two days. The course was worth every penny and I’ve already recovered the fee several times over. Highly recommended. Jim H.

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This Product Photography course was exactly what I needed. It was extremely practical and everything was explained simply so we could understand. I’m certain we will be able to continue to get the results we need. Jo Davies

A really amazing day and we all learnt so much. Glen was patient and was happy to explore a multitude of different lighting set-ups and scenarios. The Photoshop session was especially worthwhile and completed the day perfectly.  John Bilton

This course was particularly good with regards to understanding the exposure triangle and I found this invaluable. It’s quite an intensive course but I feel a lot happier finding my way around the various camera settings. Now to start saving up for the next one.
Karen Collinson

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. Everything I wanted to know about the more advanced techniques was covered. I’m really looking forward to going out and trying what I’ve learnt, especially regarding shutter speeds combined with aperture settings.
Margaret Rose