Studio Portrait Course

Studio Portrait Photography Course - 2023 - To be arranged

Students are increasingly asking how to take studio portrait photographs using home studio flash kits with white & black backgrounds so we are adding this Studio Portrait Photography Course.

There will also be the chance to try out various professional flash techniques a range of modifiers like soft-boxes, umbrellas, snoots and grids. We will also show you how to set up a low cost home studio, at a range of price points, so you can achieved professional looking portraits easily at home.

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Studio Portrait Photography Course
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Another tremendous day. Glen’s courses never cease to amaze and inspire me. It’s fun and easy learning but at a high level. The sense of achievement and WOW factor is there all day long. My future models will be delighted I’m sure. Thanks Glen.

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An excellent fun course. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about all the different lighting techniques and I now feel confident in taking portrait photographs. Toby Maloy.

I’m Looking Forward to taking lots of photographs of my children that aren’t blurry, shadowy and poorly lit as before.
Laura Griffiths

Excellent Day. I learnt more in 6 hours than in the last 3 months about how to use the flash and settings on my camera. I’m sure this new knowledge will enhance my photographs a great deal. Kev

Glen covered everything I needed to know about setting up a studio at home and how to take portraits with confidence. Thank you.
Nicola Blakeway