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Ask Glen - Quick Fix Photo Sessions

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All these virtual private tuition sessions during February include 15 minutes extra for st-up. Please email me your questions ahead of time so that I can prepare your lesson and maximise your time.

  • 1 Hour £50
  • 2 Hours £100
  • Half Day – 4 Hours – £175
  • Full Day – 7-8 Hours £350

As more students contact me for Quick Fix advice I’m now offering *60 Minute “Ask Glen” sessions over Zoom for £50.

One Hour, Half Day or Full Day. You Choose.

Up until now I have only offered half and full-day courses but, by popular request, I will be offering individual 75-minute* sessions, on any subject you like, for £50.

 *The first 15 minutes are free, so I can fully understand what it is you need to know, or you can send me a detailed email if you prefer. This means I can spend up to a full hour with you, on Zoom, solving any issues you may have. Longer sessions can be arranged if needed.

These can be on any topic you like including; 

    1. Photoshop
    2. Lightroom
    3. Portrait Lighting
    4. Creative Lighting
    5. Flash Photography
    6. Macro Photography
    7. Astrophotography
    8. PC Admin
    9. Camera Settings
    10. Anything Else

Whatever your problem, send me an email, or explain it to me in the first 15 minutes, and if it’s something that I can not help you with there’s no charge.

These are dedicated 121 sessions and you will be amazed at just how much we can cover in that time.

Anyone who has spent time with me on a 121 will tell you that they are 2-3 times more effective.

So, whatever your issue is don’t spend hours researching on YouTube get the answers faster and more efficiently by asking Glen.

Please feel free to share this offer with your photography friends.

Cheers Glen

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If you would like to join us on Thursday evenings for a single session then simply pay below and add the date of the session in the PayPal comments. You can also use this box to pay for a 1 or 2 Hour Ask Glen session or Gift Voucher.

Cheers Glen

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Why not just look up the answer on YouTube?

Have you ever spent over an hour watching a 15-minute YouTube tutorial? 

First you watch it at normal speed and think to yourself – “I’ll remember that.” but you don’t.

Next, you watch it in 30-second blocks, rewind several times and eventually wondered why it took 90 minutes to watch a 15 minute tutorial..  Finally, you didn’t understand the process so you can’t repeat the exercise.

There’s no doubt that you can probably find the answer to everything somewhere on YouTube but how many videos are you prepared to be confused by before you give up?

Have you ever tried asking a YouTube video a question?

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need more than 1 hour?

  • Not a problem. If you go a few minutes over then I’m not going to worry.
  • One and two hour sessions are available. If you need longer there’s also a half day option for £175 or a full day at £325.
  • Depending on the Covid tier rating it might be posssible to run the half and full day courses in person.

What if I don’t need a full 1 hour?

  • These sessions are up to 60 minutes, but you also get the 15 minute pre-session. I encourage you to use the full hour so feel free to top up the time with other topics.

What if I need to download files.

If we need to pause, say to download files or wait for a process that’s like to take up a substantial amount of time, the it may be possible to run two 30 miuntes sessions.

Hopefully we can sort any admin out before your session starts.

“A wonderful photography course with excellent one to one tuition to help me pursue my personnel aims of moving subjects and focusing on difficult objects like flowers and getting the background blurry. I feel much more confident using a wide variety of settings on my camera and I’m very pleased with my pictures. Thank you!”

“Highly recommended. Glen’s skill and experience is obvious and his passion is infectious.

We went to learn product photography for work. I arrived with no interest in photography beyond the need to learn for work, and left with enthusiasm to continue learning.

The course was exactly what we were looking for and had been tailored to our needs. We learned everything we needed to know and more. The teaching was delivered excellently and was paced well. It was engaging and very enjoyable.

We travelled from Devon to attend and plan to go back at some point in the future. It was well worth the trip. Ben S.


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