DPC Virtual Snap & Chat Thursday's 7pm -7.30pm followed by DPC Zoom Club.

Originally the Snap & Chat was a chance for DPC students to get together to take photographs as a group before going out for a meal or drink.

During the Covid pandemic these events have now gone online.  The Virtual DPC Snap & Chat is an online weekly event where students get together to meet up and ask questions about photography. The meetings take place on Zoom and run from 7pm for about 30 minutes. This is followed by a premium content session from 7.30pm until about 9.00pm.

Upcoming topics will be posted on a Facebook Messenger Group.

My PayPal.Me link is

DPC Zoom Club Premium Content

This is your content so please let me know what you would like.

The plan is to alternate between a camera topic, or photography technique, and an editing topic the following week. 

The editing sections will alternate between Lightroom and Photoshop with a bit of Luminar if requested. As the nights get darker I’m happy to run a full weekly Photoshop course either as part of Zoom Club or as a separate evening if we get the numbers.


Hi Folks

From Thursday  27th August 2020 I will be adding new weekly Premium Sessions after the normal Snap and Chat at 7pm.

They will be hands-on practical lessons running from 8pm for between 60 and 90 minutes.

We will be covering a different topic each week and I’m open to suggestions.

Think of this as being a bit like attending night classes at a college but from the comfort of your armchair.

The lessons will be recorded, and available by a private link to subscribers only,  so you can catch up later if you miss a night.

The first evening will be a practical session about taking and stitching Perfect Panoramas so you will need your camera and tripod.

We’ll start with the quick and easy method and progress onto more advanced techniques like multi-row and vertical panoramas.

As always there will be some great pro tips to get the best results with the minimum effort.

The cost for each session is just £10, which is probably considerably less than you would for a college night course, plus you can pay weekly or monthly.

You can find more details and pay online here –



Photo feedback and edits in Luminar

Send me your images for constructive feedback and I will edit them in Luminar 4. If you are nor a Luminar 4 user you will be able to do most of the same  edits in Lightroom.

I know that many people don’t like the idea of paying a monthly Adobe subscription and have asked “Is it’s possible to use Luminar 4 as a Lightroom replacement.”

The simple answer is “Yes” and this session will guide you through some of it every-day functions. This will be a good introduction to the full day Luminar 4 course I will be running shortly.

Luminar lacks the file management features of Lightroom but as an image editor it does a good job of emulated many of the features of Lightroom and even surpassing it in some areas. Add to this the benefits of being able to easily replace skies or work with layers and Luminar 4 becomes a serious contender.

Personally, I like to include Luminar in my Lightroom workflow and dip in as and when I need one of its features. A good example is the face retouch which outshines many more expensive rivals for its simplicity and results.

If you want to know more about Luminar 4, or would like to download a trial, then see here

Have your cameras at the ready as we delve into your menus looking for those overlooked settings that help make your photography life easier.

Image Feedback and Edits in Lightroom.

Send me up to three RAW images for feedback and editing in Lightroom.

As the nights are drawing in we will be looking at how to do Star Trails.

As always I’ll show you the quick and easy method with extra tips for the more advanced photographer.

You will require a camera with a wide-angle lens, a tripod and a cable release.

We will be using some free windows and Mac software to blend the images and files will be provided so you can follow along.


This is the first week of our Photoshop editing series so we’ll be looking at customizing the Photoshop Workspace and what the various tools do.

Get to understand the Photoshop layout before moving on to basic edits in the next session.

Learn what makes a good landscape photograph and how to get better results.

This is the second part of our Photoshop course where we look how to use the tools we used in the last session.

This is the second part of our Photoshop course where we look how to use the tools we used in the last session.

Week 10 – As the clocks have gone back today would have been the Night Photography Course. I don’t think there will be many events, but in a change to the proposed programme, how would you like some Halloween and firework photography tips this week. Cheers Glen

Photo feedback on the images taken after our Macro Composition session.

Send me your macro images for constructive feedback.

Week 13 – 19/11/2020 Photoshop Part 4

Week 14 – 26/11/2020 Bokeh Photography

Learn how to shoot simple bokeh photographs indoors using household objects and fairy lights.

Week 16 – 03/12/2020 Photoshop Part 5

In this session, I will show you how to create your own Christmas Card for you to print out or send as a PDF eCard.

Week 16 – 10/12/2020 Colour Controls in LR

In this session, I will show you how to use the creative colour controls in Lightroom.

Week 17 – 17/12/2020 – Practical Session TBA


Week 19 – 24/12/2020 – Merry Christmas Everyone. Take the day off and celebrate Christmas.

DPC Zoom Club

What Do You Want To Know?

The content for each premium session is decided by DPC members so
could be Lightroom, Photoshop or a topical subject of the moment. Think
of these premium sessions as an alternative to a hands-on class at night

Email me if you have a topic you would like me to cover.

Monthly (£40) Subscriptions

The cost for each 60-90 minutes session can be paid by a monthly subscription of £40 PCM by PayPal subscription. If you pay monthly then you will be getting a free session whenever there is a five-week month.

Single Sessions or Recordings £15.

A single session cost £15 and please nominate which session you would like to join in the Comments Box.

Per session buyers will not have access to the members area as this would be unfair to the monthly subscribers. 

Exclusive Recordings for Subscribers

Each session will be recorded and these will be available to subscribers only. This means if you need to miss a session you can catch up later.

Pay for your monthly subscription.

You will be automatically billed by PayPal on a (PCM) monthly basis. Monthly subscribers will get a free session on 5 week months. You can cancel from your PayPal Account at any time.

Members only area.

This is a password protected page where subscribers have acces to the session handouts, any image files and the session recordings. The password will change on a regular basis.
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Pay £15 on a per session basis below.

Please Note that after the 10th September this will be £15 per session for non-subscribers. Suscribe above and save.
Which Session?

If you have a question about the premium content let me know and I’ll answer it and post it here for the benefit of others.

Q.  Can we do just selected sessions which interest us or do we need to join for all of them?

Ideally, I would like people to sign up for the monthly subscription as sending links to people on an individual basis is going to be an admin nightmare and time-consuming.

People can sign up for a single lesson for £15 as a non-subscriber. I will email them the links and handouts individually rather than as a group. This content takes a long time to produce so I would prefer to minimize the extra admin time as much as possible. Subscribers will have access to a dedicated page with links and extra content.

 I also think it’s fairer that only monthly subscribers have priority when it comes to choosing future topics as they are my main supporters.

Over the next few days, I will be setting up a password-protected members-only page where monthly subscribers will have 24-hour access to the training material plus any bonus content I include.

Non-subscribers can have retrospective access to individual sessions afterwards for £15 and these will be emailed ASAP.